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Do Game Shows Discriminate Against the Differently Abled?
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Do Game Shows Discriminate Against the Differently Abled?

Something struck me while watching Jeopardy tonight. I rarely see anyone with a physical disability on that show and on other game shows. Yes, Jeopardy did have a blind contestant once. But I have never seen anyone in a wheelchair on Jeopardy or other game shows.

Most of the game shows could make slight modifications to feature a person in a wheelchair. I am sure disabled people apply for these shows all the time. It's the same with sitcoms. People with disabilities are very rare in most shows, less often than they would be in real life. 

It wasn't so long ago that seeing African American's on sitcoms was very rare. Now almost every single show has a black character. The more inclusive these shows become, the more people get used to seeing people with disabilities, the more society will want to include them. be pitied or patronized. A physical disability does not make them different than others. Whether we like it or not, television does influence the way many people think about others. So many people still don't understand that people with physical problems are no different than they are; many see them as people to pity or patronize. I have found that as soon as people realize I have a minor physical disability, many of them tend to treat me like I am less intelligent and less competent. 

I definitely believe that exposure of the disabled is important to society so they can be treated as full members of that society. 

So, do you agree there should be more disabled persons on television?

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  1. pftsusan
    #2. I think that we could use a lot more of people with disabilities on TV and in the movies. If you remember, Christopher Burke, who has Down Sydrome, in his real life, had Life Goes On, that aired for four seasons or more on TV. I watched that. Plus he also helps out with the MDA telethon. Plus there are actors who take the part of those who are disabled. The fellow who plays Max, who has Asbergers Sydrome, on Parenthood, isn't disabled. We could use a lot more on the game shows...Reality TV even: The Biggest Loser for those with disabilties will make a whole season and it will help them to lose the weight. The season prize could still be $250,000. going to the winner. Plus they can promote the equipment that they will need to workout in. Great post.
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  2. Pauline Palmer
    On The Price is Right, recently there was a contestant in a wheelchair, and the show did provide ramps for him. He made it to the Showcase Showdown!
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    1. Susan Keeping
      Susan Keeping
      That is good to know :)
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #3 Good point, I never thought about that...but you know I'll be watching for it now :)
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