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Don’t Give up, Says Arthur
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Don’t Give up, Says Arthur

Humans are the greatest species of all because we can achieve the impossible. Throughout the history of human civilization there have been instances when someone stood up to a challenge that was hitherto thought of as impossible and made it possible. While there are many inspirational stories of humans achieving impossible tasks, the story of Arthur is truly special. Arthur, an ex Gulf War paratrooper, says that he only believed in three words – “don’t give up”.

Due to too many jumps as a paratrooper, Arthur had done a lot of damage to his back and knees. The doctors that treated him gave up one day and proclaimed that he wouldn't be able to walk without assistance for the rest of his life. Arthur became totally depressed and he gained weight. He could only walk with support. But he woke up one morning and thought enough is enough, he had to do something. By this time, his weight was 297 lbs. He contacted yoga teachers and no one was sure that they could do something about it. This until one person told Arthur that he wouldn't give up on him.

Arthur started his yoga lessons under his new tutor. It was very, very tough. In the beginning, he simply couldn't move, but he chose to hang on. He fell numerous times and on certain days, he just felt like giving up. But he didn't. His yoga teacher went on after him and ensured that Arthur just kept going on and on.

The result? Arthur lost 100 lbs in 6 months and went on to lose another 40 lbs in the next 4 months. He can now walk unaided and can also stand on his head. Most astonishingly, he can also do push-ups! Wait! There’s more… Arthur can also run now! Can you believe this? You better do… Arthur now proudly says, “Don’t give up”.

What can we learn from Arthur?

Don’t give up – Isn't this obvious? If someone, who even the doctors said, couldn't move without assistance, can run, can’t we all? There are many situations in life that make us feel helpless. But when we believe in our ability, we automatically find out solutions to tackle situations, no matter how difficult they are.

It’s OK to be depressed at times – We are humans and so, are bound to have depressive feelings and anxieties from time to time. Life is a roller-coaster ride. On some days we soar high and on some days we lay low. It is when we are having to lay low is when we need to exercise our willpower. Let the depression linger for a while, but we need to make sure that our positive thoughts wash away the depressing thoughts. The time for soaring high would seem much closer.

Nothing is impossible – Someone may state that cliched joke that putting toothpaste back into the tube is impossible. But if the job is given to someone that doesn't know the meaning of impossible, that person may achieve this task as well. If you feel something is impossible, just give it a go with your full might. Success is bound to touch your feet.

Create the habit of being successful – It is said that when a task is repeated for 21 days, it becomes a habit. Starting something seems very difficult at times. This is when you need to challenge your mind and body. Get started and will your mind to keep at the job for 21 straight days. If you don’t do the same job on the 22nd day, you will feel that something is amiss.

Whenever you need inspiration to tell yourself not to give up, think of Arthur. He says that his single minded determination to prove the doctors wrong made him do the impossible. There would be many detractors that you will face during your journey of life, but there is only one mantra that you should keep chanting, “Don’t give up”.

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