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Don't Forget People With Disabilities Are Sexually Active Too
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Don't Forget People With Disabilities Are Sexually Active Too

Many people often see people with disabilities as people who are not and should not be sexually active. They have a bias because they think people with disabilities may not be able to function because they are confined to a wheelchair. Well, I am going to say, "bury such thought."

Just last week, there was outrage out there over a man with disabilities who took Pornhub to court for not having accessibility settings on its website. The man claimed to have paid subscriptions for erotic videos to keep his testosterone alive. "I wanted to learn and view erotic video sections with my subscription to Pornhub, I subscribed to learn more skills on how to have a fulfilled sexual life, I use a wheelchair, I have ear impairment too, and would need videos with subtitle to enjoy my subscription. Sadly, there was no provision for me and others like me on the website. Do they think we aren't sexually active too? He asked."

Paul Shawn shared his experience on what people think about people with disabilities when it comes to sexual life. "I have two children now and I am happy about that. 15 years ago, I had an accident, my spinal cord got broken and I got confined to a wheelchair. I was single at the time and almost lost hope in a sexual relationship, in searching for a partner. A few years after my injury, I met a pretty lady who not only believe in me but believe I would make a good husband and father. We dated for 3 years and decided to get married. Everything happened so fast but her parents asked a very vital question before we got married. Her parent asked, can you satisfy her sexually, get her pregnant? I said yes. We got married and that was it."

Many people think the private part will not work because a bone is broken or no sexual activity because of an impairment. No! people with disabilities are sexual too. 

Image credit: CEFutcher

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  1. Arnie Slater
    Arnie Slater
    Listen, the rest of “the world” can think what it wants.. but most lifetime disabled folk will tell you if there is an issue...with the works. I was born with CP. I am a father of two. Only Once, was I EVER asked if I was “functional “ and THAT was a very long, long time ago. Haha
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