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Dress to Impress with Adaptive Clothing
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Dress to Impress with Adaptive Clothing

In the recent past, we have witnessed a new trend of trendy adaptive clothing designed to assist the disabled with dressing without sacrificing on being fashionable. Often times, typical clothing designs are difficulty to put on and take off for those with mobility impairments or cognitive disabilities, this is where adaptive clothing comes to the rescue. Some of our favorite brands including Zappos, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Billy Footwear are designing or carrying designed for the disabled while still incorporating the latest clothing styles. There are certain distinctions in adaptive clothing that make them comfortable for people living with various disabilities.

Adaptive clothing incorporates some small, yet effective changes to traditional designs that make life easier. Some of the things that you may see embedded into adaptive clothing are magnetic buttons, zippers instead of laces, and slip-on or wrap around tennis shoes for people with limited hand mobility. May experts claim that adaptive clothing is a lot more comfortable than the typical clothing and, in some cases, it is safer to wear as it makes it easier for those with disabilities or their caretakers to dress and undress. Adaptive clothing gives individuals with disabilities an amazing sense of independence and freedom to dress themselves according to their own personal style.

Features of Adaptive Clothing

Since adaptive clothing is specially designed for people living with physical disabilities, they typically come with a wide range of features that make them more functional then typical clothing. Some of their distinctive features include:

·         Zippers with pull tabs

·         Use of hooks and loop

·         Pants with side openings

·         Supersoft garments for individuals with sensitivities

·         Shoes with zippers

·         Shirts with zip-on sleeves

·         Flaps in shirts

·         Adjustability using elastic and hemming systems

·         Magnets fasteners instead of buttons

Quick Steps to Dressing Stylishly for People with Disabilities

Invest in adaptive clothing: You won’t regret it! Although you may feel you don’t need adaptive clothing because regular clothing designs work just fine for you, adaptive clothing can make getting dressed quicker and easier for you so that you can spend more time doing whatever it is you love!

Befriend a tailor: If you, or someone you know, have a short-term or long-term physical disability, we recommend reaching out to a tailor to help design some great alternatives to traditional clothing designs. A professional tailor can examine your nice pieces of clothing and customize them by letting out some of the hems to provide more comfort room in the creases of your body.

Understand your body shape: Whether you want to look taller or have something additional in mind, wearing deep-cut adaptive shirts will elongate the line from chin to chest, making your upper body look longer. Even if you have narrow shoulders, many designs of adaptive clothing come in some extremely flattering options.

So if you have been interested in trying adaptive clothing but were discouraged due to un-fashionable designs, we recommend checking out some of the leading brands in adaptive clothing who are extremely comfortable and fashionable clothing especially designed for people with disabilities to look great without sacrificing comfort and convenience.  The best part about adaptive clothing is that it is designed to ensure your safety and comfort, regardless of your physical condition.

Image credit: iAccess Life

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