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Driving on an Equal Footing
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Driving on an Equal Footing

Can you imagine the difficulties disabled people face in their everyday lives? Can you think of the struggles they encounter even in just doing simple activities of daily living? People with disabilities live their lives while going through a lot of challenges. Absolute Design, a company who empathizes with these people’s struggles and trials, aims to create the EQUAL car, an automobile that is designed for disabled individuals.

People who have disabilities or physical limitations have a hard time performing simple tasks like walking, standing, or even going to other places. At times, they need the assistance of a healthcare personnel or a family member to help them get through the day. Because of their physical impairments, the things they can do are limited.

Absolute Design and its two professional vehicle or car designers, Dario Dropucic and Vedran Martinek, understand the struggles and hardships people with disabilities go through. In order to help them with deal with the difficulties they face every day, the company has envisioned to create and design a car for them, which is known as EQUAL.

Absolute Design proposed the EQUAL car concept with the aim of helping disabled people go to their favorite or special places, or roam around their neighborhood. The car is especially designed for these special people wherein they can get in to it with their wheelchair in just a breeze.

The EQUAL car concept has retrofitted systems wherein it allows people with physical disabilities to drive. The compact car is said to be designed with easy-to-use features enabling disabled individuals to drive and go to places they want to visit.

Absolute Design’s EQUAL car concept is indeed promising and has great potential because of its many wonderful features. And these include:

  • It is all-electric powered. – The car is designed to be electrically powered which reduces the hassle of going to gas refilling stations.
  • It is environmentally friendly. – EQUAL is envisioned to be a vehicle that does not emit harmful gases that will contribute to air pollution.
  • It is perfect for disabled individuals. – The car is specially envisioned and designed for those who have physical disabilities.
  • It has a unique and cool design. – The vehicle is ingeniously designed making it unique from other cars.
  • It has an easy entry system. – EQUAL is a car for disabled individuals that is why is created with an easy entry system. This is a great advantage for people on wheelchairs since they need not to struggle in getting in to the car.
  • It has an economically designed interior and a push-pull hand control system. – These features make the car easy to drive for disabled people.
  • It comes in a customizable two-tone color. – The user can have his or her car painted red and black, green and black, or even violet and black.

With this amazing technological innovation, disabled people are given a wonderful chance to go to places driving their own car even when they are in their wheelchair.

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  1. Susan Calvin
    While the method of entry appears wonderful I would not be able to utilize this vehicle where I live. Even if I only used it for commuting it would be too dangerous. I live in an area where huge SUVs are the norm. The visibility due to the other vehicles would be so compromised as to be a hazard. I also wonder about the accessibility of the storage box since bringing home the groceries is one of the utmost requirements of a vehicle in my case (there is no home delivery where I live). How is the wheelchair secured once inside? The few vehicles I've seen where the wheelchair is the driver's seat required (or nearly required) an able-bodied person to secure the wheelchair in place.
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  2. brtfish
    I can't imagine getting on a highway in Tampa with this thing and no place to put any thing? Looks like a golf cart with a roof.
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