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Elsie-Rose Nugent Gets a Great Gift: Community Raises Money for Little Girl's State of the Art Wheelchair
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Elsie-Rose Nugent Gets a Great Gift: Community Raises Money for Little Girl's State of the Art Wheelchair

Living life with a disability is not an easy thing to do, especially if your disability keeps you from moving around on your own. People all around the world suffer from such disabilities, and being mentally resilient can be an essential element of living a full life.

But staying strong isn’t enough in some cases. You also need an immense amount of support from your family and your community to live a happy and comfortable life. That's true of anyone, but particularly in certain instances where physical challenges are part of the equation. That is apparent from the story of Elsie-Rose Nugent, a 21-month old little girl who recently got a great gift that no one expected.

The Story of Little Elsie-Rose

Elsie-Rose was born in Brompton, to parents James and Natasha, along with some very disconcerting news. She was born with Terminal Muscular Atrophy, a rare disorder in the genes which causes a severe drop in motor functions of the body, as well as being the cause for serious breathing problems.

At the time of her birth, her parents were told that Elsie-Rose had one year to live at most. However, the little girl has been very strong and has been successful in proving her doctors wrong.

Despite how strong she is, Elsie-Rose does need some special care to make her life better and easier. Her parents know that some steps need to be taken in order to prepare their daughter for an independent life in the future. The first and foremost of these steps is to buy their daughter a specially-adapted power wheelchair to help her move about. Such equipment, however, does not come cheap, which is why the gift Elsie-Rose has just received has had such a great impact on her life.

Elsie-Rose and her New ‘Beep-Beep’

In order to get Elsie-Rose the chair she needed, the Medway Messenger-- a UK regional news network, started a campaign to raise the required amount of 26,000 pounds. While a lot of people have been contributing toward the goal, a recent donation from an anonymous source has given it a big instant boost. The amount she has received is so substantial that the family has already ordered the chair.

Her "Beep-Beep", as Elsie calls it, will be configured and created over the course of three months. Before the arrival of the actual chair, she will be sent a trial one to get accustomed to the controls. Her mother, Natasha, says that she and her husband couldn’t believe at first how big an amount they had received from the campaign.

The Chair is Only the First Step

The wheelchair is only the first step to making life easier for Elsie-Rose. The family is now saving up to add a ramp to their car. They also need to make modifications to their home, in order to make it possible for the child to use her chair with ease.

Still, family support needs to be continuous. There will be more equipment that Elsie-Rose will need as she moves on in life. It’s good to know that the family's community is supportive. Collection jars have even been placed at their local pub where people can continue to donate. While the idea of collecting loose change from a pub may sound ineffective, the family has been able to collect a thousand pounds this way already.

The gift that Elsie-Rose Nugent has received is bound to make a lot of improvements to her way of life. It is important for her to learn from a young age how to move around on her own and get things done independently now, so that she can have an easier life in the future. The chair is truly a gift toward a better life.

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    Community support can be so critical! Thanks for the heartwarming story.
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