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Emotional Health and Disability
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Emotional Health and Disability

Having a disability is unique to all of us. Some are disabled at birth. Some have car accidents, others perhaps mental disabilities. However, what do all share who have a disability? The fact that we are a marginalized population. In case you are not familiar with the term marginalized, it means we are a minority of the entire population.

Whether the disability has been acquired through some sort of trauma, or developed over time, it brings about unique challenges that other populations are not affected by. Additionally, it brings about the ideas of emotional wellbeing, support, health, and quality of life.

Depression is unfortunately the leading mental illness in America. Millions of people are affected by depression. Having a disability can exacerbate the amount of depression one endures. Given the day to day challenges those with disabilities experience, life can be extremely challenging.

The question then becomes, how do we utilize self-care to help alleviate depressive symptoms? Research has shown that exercising is as if not more effective than medication. How do you feel about this? I feel excited! Although level of impairment is definitely a factor when it comes to those of us with physical disabilities, there is still hope.

Even if physical activity is not a possibility for some people, there is still the idea of finding something to be passionate about that focuses energy in a positive light. Look at all the success Helen Keller had. I have also honestly seen some amazing art that was produced by people who were painting with their mouths.

Although life for all of us with disabilities can feel like a never ending battle, there are resources out there to help with living life to the fullest of our ability. Remember, it’s not what you push, it’s what pushes you!

The idea here is to remember you are not alone when it comes to the day to day challenges having a disability creates, and there are available options and outlets out there to help access these resources.

So, find something to be passionate about and that is a positive outlet for you and see what can transform your level of well-being!




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Exercising is indeed a worthy cure for all regardless of the level of physical fitness. Its curative effects may stem from the age old adage of the benefits of getting our blood running.
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    1. Melissa McGuire
      It's not only the idea of getting our blood running. It is actually the dopamine and pleasure stimulants in the brain that produce that "happiness" feeling.
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  2. MystiReutlinger
    Positive outlets are paramount to abstaining from the clutches of depression. Even mild depression can hinder people significantly. Great post!
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    1. Melissa McGuire
      Aww...thanks! :)
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