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Employment Funding for Canadian Workers With a Disability
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Employment Funding for Canadian Workers With a Disability

In Canada, there is an organisation that helps people with disabilities by funding employment. They do this in order to help reintegrate more employees into society. There are quite a lot of details pertaining to this, and it is quite interesting to see what kind of work they do. It is also great to know that this sort of help exists. It gives us hope that the world is ready to acknowledge that anyone can work in this country, and hopefully, others will follow suit (if there are no such programs there).

It’s easy to take part in this: an organisation requests the funds, and Employment and Social Development Canada either approves or rejects the request. There are many in several areas of the country.

Many organisations can make this sort of request. You could be a for-profit company, a non-profit organisation, an aboriginal organisation, and a government office.

You do need to remember, though, that the future employees have to also answer to certain criteria. They must have some sort of permanent physical or mental limitation. They also have to be a Canadian citizen and be legally allowed to work in the country. Also, they have to be denied any other form of work funding and be in need of help to get back to work.

There are many advantages to this program. For one, anyone with a disability can acquire much-needed experience in order to find another job in the future. Plus, if a start-up business or a non-profit organisation does not have the necessary funds to hire someone, they can use this program in order to find an employee that can end up being the perfect fit for them. Moreover, this project encourages organisations to carry out their hiring free from discrimination.

Should the handicapped person wish to start his own business, this option is also available. Not only can they receive financial support, but they can also receive training in project planning and other technical services. These individuals do need to prove themselves capable of doing such tasks first, but at least they get the help they need to get started.

Now, with this sort of program up and running in Canada, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for those who are too often forgotten.


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