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Empowering Parents with Mobility Restrictions
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Empowering Parents with Mobility Restrictions

People with mobility restrictions often believe that parenting is out of the realm of possibility. Parents with restricted movement are often confronted with misconceptions by family members and neighbors until others see firsthand that the child is not endangered or subjected to a substandard level of care. Finding the best adjustable bed for special accessibility needs has been written about endlessly. So in this post we'll examine some options for cribs and strollers with accessibility features for new parents.

New products have made parenting practical for persons with mobility restrictions to take care of an infant or young child. Products such as ring slings, adaptive strollers for wheelchairs and accessible cribs are just a few of the products available for parents with mobility restrictions.

Baby Carriers for New Parents With Mobility Restrictions

Ring slings are adjustable infant harness style baby carriers that make it possible for parents with restricted movement to transport a baby safely. There are a number of manufacturers of ring slings such as Cuddlebug, UniqDesigns, Vlokup, and Wildbird. Mothers with mobility restrictions may easily nurse a newborn or infant utilizing the ring sling carriers. The slings are sturdy and easily adjust as baby grows or to remove the infant from carrier to crib or car seat.

Wheelchair Adaptive Strollers

Adaptive strollers for wheelchairs enable parents with mobility restrictions to transport baby from house to car, in town, through a mall or for a stroll around the neighborhood. Custom Stroller by Yanko Designs and Easy Stroll by Jonathan Bar-or Industrial Designs Ltd. manufacture adaptive strollers for wheelchairs. The stroller attaches to the front of the wheelchair so the parent is able to maintain visual contact of the child at all times. The products are designed so the parent's vision is not inhibited by the stroller. The parent can easily watch for oncoming traffic or shop.

The baby is comfortably seated in a reclining position for alert or sleeping babies. The infant is within hand's reach of the parent for comforting or other needs. Swivel wheels, height adjustment, and safety features allow for parental independence to a challenging life experience. The stroller is released at the press of a button and folds for easy storage.

Wheelchair accessible cribs

Wheelchair accessible cribs such as the one by PediaLift resembles a traditional crib; however, raises by remote control to allow a parent in a wheelchair to roll right under the crib. The lifting columns on the crib are designed to be quiet as to not awaken a sleeping baby. The parent holds the remote up to the latch to unlock the doors on the crib. The doors will then easily slide open. The doors contain a secure latch for baby's protection.

The Keyser Betten Secure Sleep System is sturdy and economical. The crib has a double locking latch that is only accessible from outside the crib. The doors fold back with round hinges to safeguard little fingers. The Keyser Betten Secure Sleep System also contains a remote to raise the bed to wheelchair height for easy removal. Parents may also utilize the bed to change the baby's diapers or dress baby.

Summary: People with mobility restrictions may rest assured that raising a child is manageable in a safe environment. New technology empowers people with mobility restrictions to take care of the needs of an infant independently.

Image credit: Photo compliments of People Celebrity, Inside Rachelle Friedman Chapman's Baby Nursery.

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  1. pftsusan
    One of my recue cat's name if Cuddlebug. Good blog about the new things they came out for parents with mobility issues so that they are able to raise kids.
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  2. nickdean
    This is awesome. It makes me happy that some of great people in this world use their intelligence and willpower to make the lives of others easier. Nick
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