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Engineering Students Build Custom Device for Army Veteran With Disability
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Engineering Students Build Custom Device for Army Veteran With Disability

Virginia Tech, VA—A group of mechanical engineering students are working in partnership with QL plus at Cal Poly San Luis Oviedo to improve the life of a veteran as part of their Senior Design Project.

Kristine, a group member said, "I really gravitated toward projects that were directed toward helping an individual in need.” She expressed her gratitude for being picked to work on a special project for Tammy Landeen, an Army Veteran living in Maine. Landeen, who uses a wheelchair, has discovered that she has a unique problem she needs help with.

She explains, "I would be outside and then just the trek from the car to the house, I would pick up so much slush, so much dirt." Landeen came to QL Plus so she could get two pairs of tires to alternate between the outdoors and the indoors.

Landeen’s first meeting with the group was in September via video conference call. Others followed where they deliberated on many ideas; some good, some costly, some just there. However, after four months, the group finally agreed on a model.

“Right now, we're incorporating into our design, some sort of, we don't know if it's going to be a physical way, I don't know if we're going to have some sort of guide rails or things like that, to where when she backs up, she knows she's centered on the device. She hits the button, is lifted, hits the button again, goes down, " Senior Colin Jones explained.

What this means is Landeen can easily change her tires while she’s on air.

The Virginia Tech team refers to it as Landeen’s second set of hands. Landeen herself thinks it’s a time-saving miracle. The tires actually change themselves in essence according to the design. The team puts down May as a realistic time for completion of the project.

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