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Enjoying Fall Festivities and the Autumn Season With a Disability
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Enjoying Fall Festivities and the Autumn Season With a Disability

The summer heat abates, the leaves turn and a comforting chill fills the air. When these signs appear, it’s time to get ready for fall. In an able-bodied world, not everyone remembers to keep hayrides and bonfires accessible to all. That doesn’t mean that members of the disability community and others living with limited mobility can’t enjoy the fun and festivities of the season, whether they’re out on an adventure or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home. Sometimes it just takes a bit of planning and help from some accessible apps.

Catching the Falling Leaves and Outdoor Sights

Grab your favorite camera, pack along a sack full of treats and head out to your favorite haunts to get photos of the changing of the seasons. As the leaves change from green to golden brown and red, the backdrop makes fall a great time for momentous events. From autumnal weddings and family reunions to simple drives through the countryside, there’s definitely something for everyone this season.

Remember to pack along plenty of blankets, in case the weather turns cold. Or consider innovative approaches, like a wheelchair kotatsu, to keep the chill at bay when you’re on the go during the fall. Getting out and active now provides plenty of memories when the snow and ice can make you feel stir crazy during winter, and those photographs can help bring you back to a warmer time while leading you to think of seasons yet to come.

Staying Cozy Warm at Home

The traditional fall hearth is a scene complete with thick rugs and a roaring fire. While not all of us care to deal with inch-thick shag carpeting, modern advances ensure that the fireplace dream isn’t something limited to large houses or even built-in. Electric fireplaces require far less maintenance while still creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Cuddle up under your favorite blankets and watch the fireplace roar to life. Some of these devices even have built-in radios for a truly timeless fall feel. Fall is also an excellent time to upgrade your television, with deals coming on the heels of football season and Black Friday or Cyber Monday just around the corner. If TV and radio aren’t your thing, consider the peaceful fun of a night of reading by firelight.

Preparing for Winter

Fall isn’t all fun and games. Preparing your home now for the winter season helps ensure that you can make the most out of one of the more challenging times of the year. Before the frost sets in, get down to your local farmer’s market and shop for all the delicious preserves and seasonal fruits and veggies you can stock up on before the first snows fall. Homemade local honey is an excellent treat for any season. Pick up winter essentials, like ice melt for stairs, ramps and sidewalks, ensuring your home is safe and welcoming should the snows blow in early. Take care of those essential chores to prep your home for the coming season, and don’t be afraid to ask for help for the things that may be just beyond your reach or skill level. This is a great time for making new friends and getting things done!

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