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Wheelchair Racer 3D Prints Customized Gloves
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Wheelchair Racer 3D Prints Customized Gloves

The idea of creating or producing certain parts of a wheelchair through 3D printing has already been introduced, and the public was amazed about the idea and thrilled to know that such things are possible. And so today, the process of 3D printing is being used to create gloves for wheelchair racing.

Producing 3D printed gloves is the brilliant idea of a junior student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Arielle Rausin, from the College of Business, has always thought of making something new, high tech and useful.

Arielle, along with her classmates, were tasked to be creative in the Illinois MakerLab, the first ever business school printing lab, for their course assignment.  And that was the opportunity she was waiting for to make her idea a reality.

Arielle is a varsity wheelchair racing team member. Engaging in this type of sport means her racing gloves are indispensable. She relies on them during daily practices and during scheduled competitions.

Currently, racing gloves are manufactured manually or created by hand. This means it would take long hours for one pair to be made available for use. And in the instance an individual does not have access to racing gloves that are custom made, he or she has to order them online. Unfortunately, gloves purchased online only come in three sizes and the quality of the product is not quite good.

If the gloves poorly fit the racer’s hand, it would cause discomfort and eventually result in harm or injury. That is why it is important that the gloves are custom made.

Arielle, who uses racing gloves herself, wanted to make a breakthrough regarding the manufacturing of this precious and much needed equipment. She wanted these gloves to be readily available for users like her worldwide. That is the main reason why she decided to make 3D printed gloves as her course assignment.

With the availability of 3D printing and great ideas and inventions like Arielle’s, the manufacturing of products, equipment and other devices will be greatly improved. The availability will increase and the quality will be refined or enhanced. Isn’t that awesome?


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