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Excuse me, May I Spit in Your Hand ?
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Excuse me, May I Spit in Your Hand ?

Have you ever walked down the sidewalk and watched someone (usually always a young man) fire out a particularly thick and slimy "loogie" from his mouth onto the sidewalk ? Gross but harmless right ? I mean really, people just walk over it and pretty soon it is just a spot on the pavement. Right ?

I am a person with a disability and have used a manual wheelchair since 1985. While most wheelchairs come with push rims (extra rims attached to the tires to use to push the chair with) I take the push rims off because it makes my chair an inch narrower so that I can get into more places, yes an inch can make a big difference. I push my chair with my hands using my tires.

My wheelchair tires roll through that slimy loogie on the sidewalk, no matter how hard I try to avoid them. I get that gooey, germ filled mess on my tires and then my hands and then the door handles that you all touch.

Spitting is usually considered a disgusting habit but imagine walking on your hands all your life. Would you still spit on the sidewalk if you might have to walk through it with your hands ?

There are already enough natural obstacles for wheelchair users. Bird and other animal droppings, gum, dropped candy and other food, caterpillars and cicadas and a host of others are just the tip of the iceberg. Please have the courtesy NOT to add to the list by spitting on the sidewalk.

So the next time you have the urge to spit, or see someone else spit on the sidewalk, please stop and think how you'd feel if I just spit in your hand.

-- stay tuned for my next post: "Why is that bathroom floor wet?" --

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  1. pftsusan
    You made a very good point and wrote a good post. Voted. I added you to my bloggers. I invite you to look at mine and please vote if you like them.
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  2. Laurence
    Point well taken. I always thought it ws rude to spit on sidewalks and public areas. I like your blog and the way you have explained this one. I am looking forward to reading your next post.
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  3. Susan Keeping
    Susan Keeping
    I have never really thought of that although I have always been sickened when I see people spit on the sidewalk. Good blog.
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  4. Rolling STICKSandSTONES
    I read this a bunch of times, you are so right, and there should be signs posted on the streets. It took some time for people to stop littering and recycling but our efforts are helping, we should help more with this issue as well. Thanks for sharing. Visit some of my posts you may enjoy them ( people are awesome) ( our children are our future) (Cutest animal alive)
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  5. Rayrayaz13
    Awesome!!! I just said this to someone yesterday - ( the grocery cart guy - as he hawked one up and spit on the ground near me in the parking lot!!!) GROSS..... and gloves are the answer by the way .... spit in your hand is spit in your hand....
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