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Explore Your World with Mountain Wheelchairs
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Explore Your World with Mountain Wheelchairs

If you have ever purchased a wheelchair or other mobility equipment you are probably all too familiar with the high price tag that is often placed on mobility and independence. Now there is a product that is not only reasonably affordable but that allows those with limited mobility to expand their independence by exploring terrain that would have otherwise been inaccessible to them: the All Mountain Wheelchair.

Designed to combine the best of both a standard wheelchair and the durability of a sports chair, the All Mountain Wheelchair was developed with a suspension system to accommodate the weight of the user. Perhaps the most unique aspect of this chair is the addition of its third wheel directly behind the chair, centered between the 2 side wheels, providing additional balance and stability.

The user of the All Mountain Wheelchair does not have to be cautious or delicate. In fact, this chair was designed for the rough ‘n tumble user to encourage the disability community to get out there and try a sport, take a hike along a nature trail or even go camping! The large wheels allow you to roll over bumpy and uneven terrain like dirt, grass and rocks, creating a more even and less uncomfortable ride that a traditional wheelchair that’s made for traditionally smooth, indoor surfaces.

Some other unique features of the chair include an adjustable seat belt and curved lightweight seat to hug the user, allowing for greater flexibility and less restriction. Check out some other great benefits:

  • Universal design
  • Regulator camber in the front wheels
  • Fiberglass seat
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Great option to use for traveling

Check out all the different views of the chair online here

You can also check out a similar product called the Mountain Trike. According to their website, the Mountain Trike was designed for the wheelchair user to cross terrain that would normally be impossible in a traditional wheelchair. Furthermore their website explains that, “The Mountain Trike is THE all terrain wheelchair which is now well proven as the leading product in this area. It’s versatility and off road performance is unrivalled, giving riders an amazing feeling of freedom and independence.

The two drive levers and hydraulic disc brakes give the rider excellent propulsion, control and braking, over difficult ground and up steep hills. Whilst the unique direct drive steering means the rider can steer and drive the chair with only one arm, leaving a spare hand for... holding hands with a loved one, using the phone, walking the dog, holding a glass of wine at a garden party, you name it.”

Check it out on

If you’re looking for adventure, have wanted to try a new sport but not sure how you would be able to participate or interested in traveling but wary about taking your everyday mobility equipment with you, why not try out the All Mountain Wheelchair or the Mountain Trike?

Have you tried a similar wheelchair or mobility equipment that gives you additional independence or allows you to try new things? Share in the comments!


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  1. pftsusan
    Thank God for mechanics who can do the simple things like this, for everyone. Do you know if it is covered my medicare?
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  2. tatt00d3
    Check out renegade wheelchairs from Maine. They are designed by a quad who was an avid hunter who couldn't get out in the woods after his injury.
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