Rolling Without Limits

Your mobility may be limited. Your voice, boundless.

Extreme Hard Core Wheelchair Action (Extreme Sports)
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Extreme Hard Core Wheelchair Action (Extreme Sports)

From a YouTube comment: 

"Whoever dislikes this is the worst kind of human. This guy cant use his legs and he's got bigger balls than most" 

Crazy Wheelchair Tricks (YouTube)

Oh, ho, whoa, it's magic...

Hard metal rock blaring, you eye the crazy high ramp on the other side and the precipitous fall below as you time your breathing. Inhale, exhale. Before you do anything, you know that you've already conquered it. You know how pain would feel if you make a miscalculation. But that's not really in your mind. What's in your mind sub-consciously is speed, acceleration, ascent, angle, traction, weight, altitude and of course, ironclad determination. You just need that one more push, one more inch to make the wheels of your wheelchair roll down at breakneck speeds. Speeds that a nurse or caregiver would faint at. Speeds that would probably invalidate or even terminate whatever insurance policy you have.

But you don't care, this is your life, it's your decision to make, you roll without limits. You nudge the wheels, and you roll down into the unknown. Subconsciously, your mind is making about a hundred or so calculations all at the same time, all perfectly timed with what your sensory inputs are showing you. You don't have enough speed, so you roll your wheels while going down faster. Here comes the ramp. With your above average upper body strength, you wait for the right moment to shift gears and hold your chair in just the right way. Your upper and lower back arches, perfectly timed as you hit that ramp - and then you flip yourself 180 degrees. You just let go. The calculations jump to about a thousand per millisecond and your arms lock in to maneuver in that tiny split second. Don't forget, you still need to land. Time stops. You land perfectly and you roll again.

You must be thinking that Aaron practiced constantly to achieve this feat, well he doesn't. In his words:

"I don’t think of it as practice, I think of it as a fun way to live my life."

The dude's got his own wikipedia page.






Wikimedia commons image: Aaron Fotheringham

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  1. pftsusan
    What a hero and dare devil. Roll without limits!Took quite a few bangs and got right back up. I invite you come and read mine.
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    1. Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Daniel Andrei Garcia
      Yep! Double backflips would you believe it? I can't even tumble lol.
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