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Ezy Mov, India’s First Wheelchair Taxi Company Has Launched Ezy Lift To Provide Accessibility in Buses For Wheelchair Users
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Ezy Mov, India’s First Wheelchair Taxi Company Has Launched Ezy Lift To Provide Accessibility in Buses For Wheelchair Users

In India, people with disabilities mostly refuse to travel by bus, whether its a private or a public bus. They always find inaccessible and it's not just them, but also the elderly who are not comfortable traveling by bus.

But Ezy Lift launched by Ezy Mov Solutions Pvt. Ltd India’s first wheelchair taxi company will change this scenario. Ezy Lift is India’s first underfloor hydraulic lift that aims to provide accessible buses to people with disabilities and the elderly as the lift can easily transform a person in a wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.

According to one of the three founder-directors of Ezy Mov, Romeo Ravva, the various State Transport Corporations across India have designed many new-age electrical buses where this particular lift is being installed.

The Ezy Lift is very special because they are not just installed in public but also in private buses to provide accessibility with the same design and with no loss of seats. Currently, Ezy Mov has teamed up with various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to provide people with disabilities and the elderly across India accessibility throughout the bus journey.

"The step-lift works as a regular step for an able-bodied person to board the bus, but when the need arises to accommodate a wheelchair user, all the attendant has to do is open the step-lift platform and lower the lift. The wheelchair user can then self-propel or moved by the caregiver into the wheelchair platform. Once the wheelchair reaches the level of the bus, he can then move onto the designated area, where the wheelchair is locked for safe travel," Romeo added.

Any passenger who uses a wheelchair can easily travel across the city with the help of Ezy Lift which can easily handle weight up to 300-kg. The Lift has an emergency manual mechanism install if in case there is an electrical failure.

One of the founder-directors, Bennett Dcunha said, these Lifts have been tested by the South-based leading electric bus manufacturer. They have got confirmed orders for these lifts by various state transport agencies they are looking forward to supplying such 550 lifts to them.

Image credit: Ezy Mov/ YouTube Screencap

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