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Fighting the Stigma
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Fighting the Stigma

What do you think of when you think of a person with a disability? Do you ever consider people with mental disabilities? These can be just as trying and unfortunately there is a huge stigma when it comes to receiving counseling or even mentioning that you might have an issue. For me, I was really frightened to go to counseling. This was not only because I was having a lot of emotional problems but also because my mother and father both went to counseling and had nothing but issues with getting counseled. My mother was in complete denial about her diagnoses and still will not acknowledge she has any sort of issue.

My dad stopped going for a reason that he never fully disclosed. I was also afraid to go because of the looks you get. You get weird stares from strangers who have never met you and can feel them judging you. If people find out you have any sort of mental illness they seem to tiptoe around or assume you act in a certain way because of a diagnoses. They assume your problem defines you. A lot of the time this can put additional pressure on somebody who needs help but chooses not to get it. This could lead to comorbid issues such as in addition to anxiety they may also have depression. Next time you hear that someone you know has a mental disorder please treat them as an equal. Treat them as you would other friends or acquaintances.

Fight the stigma.

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  1. sweedly
    I have been there, same feelings of needing to get counseling and yet having self doubts about finding a good person that I could trust with my problems and my thoughts. I did not want to be labeled. I wanted my life to get better, but for a long time I held back because I did not want anyone else to know that I needed some guidance. But one day I reached a point and had the courage to step up and find someone. I am glad I did. My life is much better now.
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  2. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    I too, feel your pain. I am having some issues in my life as well that I feel, the need to be taken care of. I have never been to a counselor except for parenting classes. But, I do need to see someone. I not only am having to deal with emotional issues, but also, material issues also. I too, am a bit nervous wondering, as to whether or not, that I'd want to go, but I'm not going to back out of it. I have some other issues, from my early childhood, that also, needs to be attended to soon. Otherwise, my life that I am living at the moment, is chaotic at best. I feel as though, I'm not getting anywhere with it and I'm always seemly, running away from them instead of facing them head on. So, I hear you on this matter and will vote on this. Take care.
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  3. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #4 Great blog!
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