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Fighting to Recover Part III
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Fighting to Recover Part III

As I sit here today, I realize that fighting to get better is not going to be easy. I will have to do a lot of work. Even when the going is tough, I have a husband that will stand by my side and make my life better.

I always knew that if I could find a man like the one I have now, I would be able to fight to survive. Alone, I did not have the strength to beat this. But, with my husband supporting me and letting me know he loves me (even at my weakest moment), well that sure helps a lot.

I use this blog to show others that yes, I have MS and yes, I am human. I fall sometimes. But the main thing is that I get back up. I am getting good at getting back up and dusting myself off and starting over in different ways.

I am not who I used to be. I think I am better. I have learned patience and compassion from being disabled. Although I worked with MS my entire life, it was not until I developed that disease myself that I truly understood!

Just in the past few days, have I become aware of what a true love is. I had felt true love from my end, but had never received it back until I met and married my husband Todd.

I knew he loved me and knew about MS. He has MS too. But because of my past, I could not believe that anyone would or could love me and want to stay with me.

Todd has not only opened my eyes, but my heart is healing because of how he treats me. I thought I would never have it this good. Oh God how I appreciate all he does for me!  And I hope that someday I can repay him for all he does. I know I have one of the best husbands in the world! If not the best.

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