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First Man to Roll Across the U.S.
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First Man to Roll Across the U.S.

If you have a purpose in life to be extraordinary, nothing will be that big of a challenge for you to overcome. Take Gabriel Cordell, a 42 year old paraplegic, who was not born this way. Cordell is a man who has only been a paraplegic for two decades. Prior to his accident, he dreamed big, and wanted to pursue an acting career. Unfortunately, his course of life changed. Still, considering the fact that  his purpose in life was to be extraordinary, he seems to have adapted to the new change. By adapted, I mean that he is the first man ever in history to roll across the U.S. in a manual wheelchair. That's right. Throughout 3,100 miles, and a 99-day journey, he’s done the impossible. He marked his purpose for the world to remember, in his documentary of the event “Roll with Me.” What’s really fascinating, is that he broke only one set of wheelchair tires as he embarked on his journey.

After we experience something life changing, we have to take the initiative for ourselves, to find a new life dream to chase. Cordell did research and discovered that no one had rolled across the country in a standard wheelchair. From there, he joined the Burbank YMCA and endured physical and mental training for eight months of preparation. If he isn’t extraordinary, who is? Never stop searching for repurpose! Find, and then chase your dreams.

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  1. pftsusan
    Very impressed. No matter what occurs, never quit chasing dreams Thank you for sharing.
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