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Flying Wheelchair: New Designed Airline Allows to Fly in Your Own Wheelchair
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Flying Wheelchair: New Designed Airline Allows to Fly in Your Own Wheelchair

Introducing the solution-maker company

Molon Labe company has unveiled a newfangled airline seat that enables passengers with disabilities to fly without having to leave their wheelchairs behind.


The most crucial aspect of a solution is acknowledging the problem. Taking that into consideration, Molon Labe has identified an impediment faced by people using wheelchairs who need to leave their wheelchairs before boarding a flight.


While the person using the wheelchair has to transfer to Skychair to get through the aisle and then again get transferred into the regular seat. Travelling has been immensely challenging for people in a wheelchair and that's the biggest reason to avoid traveling by airline.

Other problems include damage to their wheelchair while transportation in cargo, injuries during transfer, losing independence while leaving own wheelchair to access the in-flight bathroom and many more.


The design of this "flying wheelchair" is based on the side-slip seat which was designed earlier by the company but it has been modified to ensure that it is wide enough for economy-class.

While it looks like any other economy class seat during the regular operations, the aisle seat will slide over the top of another seat (window seat) when required to make extra room.


Once the aisle seat is locked on the window seat, it ensures enough space that offers 36 inches wide that will secure a powered or manual wheelchair. Another advantage is that this airline does not have to deal with monetary losses, which has been an issue with the designs made before to address this problem.

This is a great initiative for people flying with wheelchairs as they will be able to have their wheelchair with accessibility features that must be designed keeping their specific needs in mind. What do you think about this flying wheelchair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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