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Follow up to the search for the “UnHoley” Grail Pt. 3
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Follow up to the search for the “UnHoley” Grail Pt. 3


Almost exactly one month ago. Nike sent me an awesome new pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 36’s with the Flyease featured a zip on/Zip-off. I love them. So I thought I’d give you an update on how they are holding up after a month of use! If you haven’t been following my blog here, (Why Not?) let me give you a quick recap of the events that lead up to now. I wrote an article about having CP and the constant search for shoes that last. I mentioned a couple that held up over time. One of them was the Nike Zoom Pegasus shoe. A friend suggested I send the article to Nike. So, having nothing to lose, I did. Much to my surprise, they liked the article a lot...even though I mentioned a few other companies and their shoes. I was surprised further when a brand new pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 36’s appeared on my rural Virginia doorstep in mid-September. It even had a nice card signed by several Nike staff members! It felt like Christmas!

ok, so now you know. Here we are one month later. I do Lots of walking... Marathons, 5Ks,10Ks... The Ironman has even been suggested. I’m still mulling that challenge over.

One Month later these shoes are beginning to show signs of wear even though I alternate shoes daily to increase their lifespan. My left foot drags.  These shoes are the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve got...but you CPers out there know...We wear some tough shoes. I totally think the fact that they are so light reduces the drag on my feet and wear on the toe of the shoe... but the drag still happens... so the toe is beginning to show some signs as you can see from the photo....yep, my left shoe! I have let the good folks at Nike know too. Maybe they will use my info to design an even greater shoe for us CP athletes! I hope so, that would be really awesome. They have asked me to keep them updated and report back in another month! So! Until my shoes have holes and my toes meet the road... Keep Movin Y’all 

Image credit: Arnie Slater

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  1. Anne Dobbs
    There is such a need for people who walk but have a problem with unusual shortened shoe wear due to a disability to get a good yet long wearing shoe. As a mother with a limited income and a child with CP, finding shoes that would last as well as fit comfortably was something of a nightmare. I also found out the hard way that purchasing shoes that were not fitted properly and not of the best quality was the worst mistake ever. I had a seven year old that developed a corn from wearing the wrong shoes. That was many years ago but I still feel guilty. Thank you to NIKE for looking into a shoe that will be light, comfortable and of a quality that will care for the feet of someone with a walking disability. Thank you Arnie for bringing this subject to light with your own experience. Keep up the good work.
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    1. Arnie Slater
      Arnie Slater
      What can I say.... thank you for your support . And, I would swear I said/wrote... We wear through some shoes! Not sure how it got changed to “We wear some tough shoes”? That’s a big leap for auto correct. Haha
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