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For Love and for Honor
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For Love and for Honor

Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Phil Rogers undertook a marathon of twenty six miles in July 2016. His aim was to raise five hundred pounds in remembrance of his late wife.

According to Phil, Hannah was a lovely and beautiful woman and he wanted to honor her memory. His fondest recollections are of meeting Hannah at the same residential home where he lives. Sadly she passed away in 2013.

Phil appreciates the help which the folks at St. Barnabas extended to Hannah. It was his way of expressing gratitude to them by raising some money for such a worthy cause.

There were times when he found himself missing her company. For Phil it was important that he kept her memories alive and what better way than to raise money in her honor.

The previous year he had managed to trek some eleven miles. However, this year he wanted to embark on a distance which previously might have seemed impossible for him.

By pushing himself to explore his boundaries, Phil believes he can be a source of inspiration to others. This is his way of showing admiration for Hannah and paying tribute to those who helped her during her lifetime.

Preparing for the marathon

Training for the marathon was no easy task. It required a great deal of practice and a whole lot of back breaking effort.

Phil suffers from spina bifida, it was therefore important for him to train in such a way which would enable him to complete the task which he had undertaken.

It required a great deal of dedication and effort. Training was done at the beach, along the sea shore. It was difficult for him to move the front wheels of the wheelchair on his own. Regardless of these problems it was necessary to train diligently.

He practiced for eight long months, come hail come sunshine. Perhaps the one thing which kept him going was his dedication to raising money which would come in helpful for others in similar conditions as his and Hannah’s.

He participated in the marathon with his uncle’s help. He also had the support of few other close friends. The manager at Hannah’s old residential home was of the opinion that Phil was eager to raise awareness and money for the care service. Despite the marathon being difficult and arduous for him, he wanted to go ahead and make a difference.

Such a selfless love is often hard to find. To love your better half in life is common but to keep that love alive, after their demise is perhaps one of the most noble deeds ever.

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  1. Rolling Without Limits Support
    Rolling Without Limits Support
    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing.
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  2. Edwise
    Nice story, but I would strike the first phrase, "Despite being confined to a wheelchair". His training shows he's not confined at all!
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