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For the Love Of Sports: From Snowmobiling to Adaptive Snowmobiling
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For the Love Of Sports: From Snowmobiling to Adaptive Snowmobiling

Nowadays, there are adaptive versions of almost all the sports out there. Have you ever noticed that the sportspeople with disabilities are really good at before their injury are likely what they mostly perform in the adaptive style?

"It is very likely that you are going to automatically start an adaptive sport in the same place you left off," Johanna Quinn who fell while performing a snowmobiling stunt in 2017 said.

"I was about to do a backflip on my snowmobile, the snowmobile stuttered and I fell," Johanna said. She still doesn’t know exactly what happened when she fell. She says she was distracted and probably not in the right frame of mind to be on the snowmobile, and somehow, she couldn't pull the stunt successfully. Johanna fell, she had multiple broken bones and an incomplete SCI at T4. 

Johanna is still figuring out her new reality. After her SCI, she says, she didn’t really miss snowmobiling as much as some other parts of her nondisabled life. “Yes, I love snowmobile stunts, but mostly I was an endurance athlete,” she says. She missed the freedom and the mental and physical satisfaction of being able to perform different stunts on a snowmobile for a while. 

Post-injury, swimming gave her an outlet for cardiovascular activity. During her post-injury, Johanna bought herself an adaptive snowmobile and started the adaptive version of her best sport. 

Slowly though, her perspective started to shift. Part of it was realizing that adaptive snowmobiling requires new muscles and new techniques. Johanna spent years working her way up to harder and harder difficulty ratings. Understanding that same commitment she had before her injury was going to be required for adaptive snowmobiling helped get her over her initial grumpiness.

Another turning point for Johanna is meeting other adaptive athletes and starting to plan rides with them. "snowmobiling is my best sport and I love the adaptive version," she said. 

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