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Foundation Makes an Inspiring Donation to a Young Boy
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Foundation Makes an Inspiring Donation to a Young Boy

Giving disabled individuals a second shot to live a normal life is something extraordinary. And that’s what a certain foundation just did to a young boy.

Anthony Sanchez was a born without legs. The condition is often termed as congenital amputation wherein the baby is born without a limb or limbs. Congenital amputation is said to be due to blood clot formation in the uterus while the fetus is developing, impeding blood supply on the baby’s limbs. Because of the missing blood supply, the limbs fail to develop or form.

Anthony used to move around through a stroller since his family could not afford to buy him a wheelchair. His father or grandmother took turns in pushing the stroller.

When Anthony went to Shriners Hospitals for Children about three years ago, the doctor advised him and his family to stop using the stroller.

It made the lad look like a baby when in fact, he is not. And also, the stroller did not let him move independently because he could not move or push it himself; he needed somebody else to do the pushing. And so after a couple of months, the family bought an outdated wheelchair to transfer Anthony from the stroller.

Dr. Phoebe Scott-Wyard, the doctor who checked Anthony, seeing the 10-year-old in an old and unsafe wheelchair, immediately consulted the hospital and asked for support for Anthony. Shriners responded by looking for fully-functioning and up-to-date wheelchair for the boy to use.

The hospital has been known for helping and supporting kids with special needs. The staff and administration work hand in hand to provide kids the opportunity to live a life of potential.

After a couple of weeks, a state-of-the-art mobility device was presented to Anthony. Shriners collaborated with the Darrell Gwynn Foundation to make it a possibility.

The Darrel Gwynn Foundation, named after the world champ of National Hot Rod Association, has been providing support and assistance to people with paralysis and helping prevent spinal cord injuries. The found gave the fund of $9,000 to acquire the up-to-date wheelchair for Anthony.

Now with his new chair, Anthony is able to move around with independence and freedom. His high tech chair also boosts his self-esteem and confidence. The hospital, the foundation and the new wheelchair has given the young boy a second chance to live an independent and happy life.

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