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Freedom Chair Scales Mountains
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Freedom Chair Scales Mountains

The wheelchair can be a great tool to cruise city streets, tour huge plazas and roam around other interesting places within the city. Though the device grants its users mobility, there are numerous places the wheelchair cannot go. But a new mobility device has been developed that grants its users the option to traverse places the traditional wheelchair can't.

A new wheelchair, or rather a recreational device, is introduced to offer wheelchair users an opportunity to explore different locations especially those areas outside the city. Because the conventional wheelchair cannot navigate places without structured pathways and paved roads and streets like terrains, beaches, parks, and woods, developers and engineers upgraded and redesigned it into a device that allows the users to visit those areas. The recreational device provides users the freedom to explore new worlds which they deemed impossible to go due to their wheelchairs' limitations.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is created and designed to enable users to maneuver on rough roads, scale mountains and even navigate in the woods. With its all-terrain capabilities and features, the Freedom Chair is perfect for individuals who wanted to go on an adventure and explore places outside the city.

The recreational device appears to be a cross between a wheelchair and a hand-cycle mountain bike. Unlike those all-terrain or adventure wheelchairs such as the UNiMo Adventure and HexHog, the GRIT Freedom chair is not electric or battery-powered. Instead, it works by manually driving it via its patented lever drivetrain. It converts arm power into motion enabling the user to power through rougher paths and terrains and even up steeper hills.

The moving components of the Freedom Chair are all standard bicycle parts which can be easily upgraded, repaired or replaced. The parts of this recreational wheel include the following:

  • Two mountain bike wheels – these pneumatic wheels measure 26 inches in diameter, have a quick-release feature, and are wrapped in 1.75-inch hybrid tires. These wheels are perfect for navigating uneven paths, rough terrains and other unpaved roads.
  • Front wheel – it is made of solid rubber and is 8.75 inches. This wheel is designed to increase the stability of the Freedom Chair.
  • Cushioned seat – it provides comfort to the users the entire time they are busy exploring new places.
  • 4130 Chromoly steel frame – this is used to build the Freedom Chair and make it sturdy and strong and is 48 inches from end to end.
  • Two patented lever drivetrain – The levers are individually geared. They can operate together when the rider desires to travel straight and independently when the user maneuvers or turns the chair.
  • Bicycle headset
  • Footrest – it has a quick-release feature and is adjustable in height.
  • Quick-release seat back
  • Quick-release hub

The Freedom Chair accommodates users weighing up to 100 kg or 220 lbs. It is even designed to be collapsible which allows the device to be stored or packed easily in a standard car trunk. The levers are also removable and can be stored on the chair when not needed or not in use.

With the GRIT Freedom Chair, wheelchair users are no longer limited to areas with paved roads. They now can visit and explore other wonderful places and go on an exciting adventure.

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