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Fundraise for Your Cause!
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Fundraise for Your Cause!

Fundraising can be a great way to show your support for local or national disability causes close to your heart and to help bring awareness to mobility issues that you are passionate about. Fundraising is important for any organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. Whether we like it or not, money provides opportunities. Opportunities such as research, marketing or resources that can make a significant impact in the lives of people facing mobility challenges. Below are some easy ways for you as an individual to contribute to fundraising for a disability organization in your area.

First, find an organization important to you! Find out if they have any fundraisers coming up that are already planned and see how you can volunteer or contribute. They say that the most important gift you can give someone is your time and fundraisers always need people with a little extra time to give.

If an organization you are involved in or would like to raise money for doesn't have a fundraiser in the works, let them know you are interested in helping their cause and see what options they have for donating funds. Most organizations won't turn away donations, so ask how you can make a donation to an organization important to you.

Once you figure out the requirements of donating to your organization, the fun part begins! Gather your friends and family and have fun brainstorming creative ways to raise money to donate.

Consider a casual dress, blue jeans or dress up day at your workplace in honor of your cause. Ask employees or get your HR department involved to rally your workplace into participating. Make it fun and easy! Everyone who wants to participate can donate a voluntary amount (even $1, $3 or $5 per person can add up fast if you rally support!). On the day of the fundraiser, have everyone come to work in blue jeans or dress up in jerseys, pajamas or another fun dress-up theme and hand out awareness stickers, pins or bracelets to everyone who participated!

Get involved with your church or children's school and consider a bake sale, blood drive, pop tab collection or a penny wars! Let your imagination run wild and have fun planning your fundraiser! Remember that you are spreading awareness and support during the planning process and awareness can sometimes make the biggest impact of all.

What fun fundraising ideas have you planned in the past?

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