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Galileo: A New Type of Vibration Machine
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Galileo: A New Type of Vibration Machine

So I there I was, flipping through Facebook, something a lot of people seem to do these days, when they are trying to find something to write about. Okay, I got sucked into  it. Facebook is evil. But let’s get back to my story.

My fellow Colours friend Chelsie had been standing on this machine called Galileo. It’s a type of vibration machine that mimics the way a person walks and moves their hips. It apparently helps with their gait in the most natural way possible. It trains your muscles to regain the connections, or helps build new connections. I did some research while looking into getting my own vibration machine and this never popped up! Chelsie always seems to find the cutting-edge equipment to help with her paralysis that she sustained due to a car accident.  I need to be more dedicated using mine. Pain is always the reason why I need a break from it.

I am curious to learn about the Galileo and see what the difference is from the one I use. I love our machine and it does make me feel better. From the look on Chelsie’s face, she loves Galileo. Most of the time specialized equipment like this is really expensive and those lucky enough to be able to afford it, benefit from it. As for us, we didn’t get medical grade equipment, but it’s working for us and it’s better than nothing.

The Galileo makers claim that most vibration machines don’t move your hips with natural motion, and that’s one of the main features of this type of vibration machine. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep my eye on things and see want this thing can really do. As far as Chelsie goes, she's motivated and that’s half the battle. If you haven’t had the chance to see her on youtube, watch below. 

Additional information about the Galileo? mention that this machine helps numerous other conditions such as CP, Paralysis, Stroke, MD, and MS, just to name a few.

You can check it out Galileo here..  They have videos of people using this machine. 

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