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Game Ideas for Children With Mobility Issues
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Game Ideas for Children With Mobility Issues

Some children may not be able move the way most children do naturally. Due to mobility issues, children may find it difficult and feel insecure or intimidated to live in an environment not so friendly to the disabled. Due to this, they may even withdraw from socializing with other kids, playing games etc.

The challenge of creating an active lifestyle for children with mobility issues is not easy because their movements are limited. By limited, I mean they may have limited ability to walk or feel pain while walking.

Children with impaired senses of sight and hearing need to be accompanied by adults most of the time. They do not need to be in a wheelchair, scooter, and walking aid to be classified as children with mobility issues.

The good news is that, they still can socialize and have fun with other kids despite their mobility issues. After all, playtime with other kids is the best time for their physical and emotional development. It is important that physically challenged children play and mingle with the others.

As mentioned, it is challenging to incorporate games to children with mobility issues, but guess what? “Challenging” does not equate to “impossible.” In fact, there are usual and commonly-played games that can be adjusted to their limits and abilities. Bowling and basketball, for instance, are lively and thrilling games that can be played both by disabled and able children.

The basketball game can be done indoors and the basketball ring can be mounted lower than the standard ten feet from the ground so children with mobility issues can fully enjoy the game. Or if done outdoors, the basketball ring can be custom-made in accordance with the height of the wheelchairs.

Parlor and party games also bring joy to both disabled and able children, and the games may include Treasure Hunt Game, Touch The Color Game, Bring Me Game, and The Boat is Sinking Game, to name a few.

The mentioned games do not require any unusual or hard-to-source materials, or do not ask for a special location or setting. Aside from it can be played just anytime, the games allow all children to get involved, may they be disabled or not. By letting the children feel the joy and thrill of having an active lifestyle through games and activities, it will definitely have a huge impact on the development of their minds and body.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. pftsusan
    Voted. There are so many groups of both abled body people and disabled people who volunteer their time and efforts for wheelchair athletes to have a team, play team sports, socialize and move. We help raise monies for all the equipment that they need. Even attachments and lifts for their own wheelchairs. We are more than thanked. We are loved for it too. They are beyond beautiful!...I shared this for you too.
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    1. Akanksha
      Thanks for reading Susan!
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  2. Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Daniel Andrei Garcia
    Nice post Akanksha. Sports and games are a good way to boost children's self esteem. I totally agree that every child/teen's needs should be custom fit for their abilities. I will share this post on Facebook and Google plus for you. Cheers
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    1. Akanksha
      Thanks a lot Daniel. It is not just the body but the self esteem of the kids we need to 'keep fit'.
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  3. beckthewreck
    I am a polio survivor who grew up in hospital until 13, except for home visits. Home visits were wild, wonderful times where we played outside and did crazy things! Of course, my family was able to not stand in my way of exploring the world because their are a lot of disabilities in the group, my mother was deaf, my father was hard of hearing (now deaf), one brother had a deformity, have three blind uncles, and a cousin who lived with us with cognitive disfunctioning. We played tags, monsters, cowboys/indians (which is funny since I'm native American) and any number of other things. The only problem I had was that everyone loved to take my crutches as their guns in cowboys 'n indians so I got killed right off. The entire town would join us at our house for evening play because there were so many of us. Not one of those kids ever thought about not including me. Just start the game, and watch what happens. Questions will be asked, answers given and then life goes on. Kids don't make things as complicated as we adults do.
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    1. Akanksha
      Thanks for are right...we think and make life complicated.
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  4. sukers
    It is not just the body but the self esteem of the kids we need to 'keep fit'. Yes!
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