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Get Ready for Basketball 101
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Get Ready for Basketball 101

It takes motivation, inspiration and a great deal of encouragement from someone to finally overcome a physical challenge. And these are what Campbell wants to share with others, along with basketball basics and skills, in his Basketball 101 class.

Born with a congenital birth defect known as spina bifida, Jeremy Campbell lived his life facing a lot of challenges. But being mentored by Kevin Orr, a former Paralympian whom he considered as the person who greatly influenced and touched his life, Campbell was able to overcome the difficulties and challenges. He even joined and played wheelchair basketball at a rehabilitation center, Lakeshore, located in Birmingham.

To Campbell, it is extremely essential that every person should have someone beside them who will encourage and teach them a few things about life. He felt glad and blessed that a person like Orr came into his life, helping him turn things around, motivating and encouraging him to live life to the fullest despite his disability. And he also gave credit to his mentor for teaching him the basics in life like going down the stairs in his wheelchair, maneuvering his chair in the curbs and even opening doors.

Being able to overcome and move past the challenges and obstacles, Campbell wanted to influence other wheelchair users as well. He knew the feeling of being discouraged and depressed, but he also knew the feeling of fulfillment and purpose. He wanted to share the motivation, inspiration and encouragement with others in order to help them overcome the challenges brought about by physical impairment. He also wanted to use his knowledge and skills in wheelchair basketball to help them play and enjoy the sport. And so he became a staffer at Lakeshore foundation and part of a dedicated team teaching Basketball 101.

In his class, which is every Thursday at 11 AM, Campbell shares his knowledge about wheelchair basketball and teaches the basics of the game to those who are new. He gives guidance and instruction as well as sharing professional tips to those who want to excel in the sport. His class is composed of both young people and adults. The students attend Basketball 101 when they are done with their studies, while the working adults use their day off for Campbell’s class. Campbell takes Basketball 101 as an opportunity to impart words of encouragement and other advice to give support, motivate and inspire the people attending his class.

With people like Campbell, who desires to motivate and encourage others like him, people in the disabled community will experience not just joy, independence and freedom but living with a purpose and fulfillment as well. Basketball 101 would be a great avenue for people who use wheelchairs to know how to live life with meaning and courage despite their disability.

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