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Get a Grip: Products Making Everyday Movements Easier
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Get a Grip: Products Making Everyday Movements Easier

Lowering pots and pans on cupboard shelves, placing non-slip backing on rugs, or organizing your closet so items are within easy reach - We all make little accommodations around the house or our living environment to make day to day life a little easier. Products, aides, and accessibility options for people with disabilities are no different. Today there is a wide variety of products for people affected by mobility loss, age, temporary/long term disability that can reduce unnecessary strain and stress and increase independence. Check out some of the latest products below that can aide your hand and arm mobility and literally make ‘getting a grip’ a simple task.

Duo Cup Holder

An ergonomic cup holder creating an open handle, eliminating the need to slide only a few fingers inbetween a regular coffee cup’s small opening and allows the user to pick up the cup with both hands, rather than one. Available online from Such and Such Design Company in the UK.

Easy Plugs, Tap and Key Turners, Handi Reachers

Cheam Disability Solutions offers a wide array of products designed to mitigate disability affecting the hands and ability to grip, squeeze, and turn. They make easy plugs allowing the user to grab onto a large open handle to plug in electronic items. Tap and Key turners are also available featuring long handles that easily attach to kitchen or bath faucets and keys to make turning a snap. Handi Reachers are a great option for someone struggling to tightly grip or reach items. They feature long arms with an easy squeeze handle to safely grip items and bring them within reach. Check out all these products online here:

Typing Aide, Recliner Lever Extender, and Flexible Finger Control Grips

The typing aide can easily help people with difficulty using a computer keyboard successfully type. Simply slide your hand into the grip and position the pointer over the key you wish you select and press down. The same company also offers a Recliner Lever Extender which slides onto the typical short handles of a reclining chair allowing the user to reduce their reach and easily pull their own chair back independently. Finally, you can also find Flexible Finger Control Grips available from the same website. These finger grips attach to common household tool handles and wrap around your fingers with easy to manipulate Velcro straps, creating a greater grip on hand tools. Check out these unique options and more on

Have you found any other products that make “getting a grip” easier for your day to day activities? Share in the comments!

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  1. Lori Emmons
    Lori Emmons
    Thanks, helpful info. Tremors in m hands from M.S. have caused me to have to use an adaptive keyboard which has mouse functions built in. It's a very user friendly device from A qwerty with a 96-hole keyguard. 1 finger typing allows for fewer keystroke errors. Feel free to contact me with questions.
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