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Given a Chance to Walk Again Would You Take the Pill?
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Given a Chance to Walk Again Would You Take the Pill?

If a doctor gave you the news that tomorrow, after taking a pill, you would wake up and be perfectly fine, would you take the pill? In disability forums, many people fight over this very hot topic.

I myself would snatch that pill from the doctor's grubby hands. But that is just me. I've spent my life as a disabled person and darn it, it would be a nice change of pace not to have a wheelchair attached to my butt. Don’t misunderstand me. I love my life, my fiance , family and my dear friends. That wouldn't change. The only thing that would be different is that I could run and jump and not be in misery every un-medicated waking hour of every day.

I would take up dancing and go down to the beach and run through the sand. Oh, and I would walk down the isle at my wedding perfectly, and dance with joy and abandonment afterward. My life would change. But as a person, I would not.

I know many people born with disabilities and those who have had accidents who want to walk like me. They want a cure NOW!  The ones who were born with disabilities seem content with what they have been given, with what they consider to be not all, but enough to be bothersome to someone who can see a huge benefit to being able to walk and be without unrelenting pain or to just get into a car and not have to drag a wheelchair around. I'm talking about walking to the bathroom or down the hall.

I understand why some people feel like there has to be a reason why. It helps them cope with a devastating life-altering disability. Those who excel at being an SCI Superstars do so because they have no other choice. But given a choice, I bet money that each one of them would jump at the chance to walk again.

It is crazy to think someone (given such a chance) would give it up because they are happier with everything that goes along with their disability that most people don’t even know about. Walking is not the biggest reason to want out of the chair. I's a good one, but there are devastating effects as a result of not walking. These start to happen as we age, but do not happen as early to people who are mobile until they are elderly.

What’s your opinion? Would you take the pill? This topic came up while talking to a friend and I wanted to see what everyone thought.







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  1. MystiReutlinger
    If there was a pill that would remove pain and allow me to hike the Sandia's again from bottom to top, I would jump at the chance. It isn't that I haven't grown accustomed to the way of life that is mine -- and I can still walk, although braced -- I would reconnect with parts of me I miss; especially that woman who loved scaling cliffs and looking below at the glory of nature around me.
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  2. Wheelzup
    I would have to think about it for about 10 seconds and then grab that pill. Yes I've gotten used to the chair and most of the obstacles I encounter I try to ignore. The advantages of walking are staggering, they include better overall health, improved cardiovascular health, bowel and bladder control, nearly no more pressure sores or much lower chances of getting them in the first place, and the biggest one of all is total independence.
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  3. Lori Emmons
    Lori Emmons
    As one who acquired a challenge after 30 yrs of being able to walk, run, ride a bike, climb literal mountains etc.. my figurative mountain is called M.S. & I've been humbled by my experiences of gradually loosing more than the ability to walk, I am n the fence about "taking a pill." I'll save the explanation for a blog post of my own which you've inspired, so I thank you very much. Voted #6 Great job!
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    Parts of life may definitely change, as well as our mindsets but I would take that pill in a heartbeat
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  5. Old Roller
    Can I take two? It's been a long time . . .
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