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Giving Wheelchair Driving a Fast Element
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Giving Wheelchair Driving a Fast Element

For people who spend their days in wheelchairs, life tends to move at a very fixed pace. The lack of a change in pace can be a little disheartening, especially for those who were used to a lot of moving around before being wheelchair-bound. In order to give people with disabilities a chance to experience that fast element in their life once again, Elbee Mobility has come out with a micro-car that will help people in wheelchairs be able to to fulfill their need for speed whenever they wish to.

How it all began

Ladislav Bradshil, a resident of Czech Republic, decided to buy himself a collective farm after the Czech revolution, along with a fellow partner. However, the reason for this had been for him to have the space and ability to market and engineer his own product. It was only when a design engineer approached him and shared the idea he had in mind that Brazdil was able to give birth to a micro-car design that could be used by people in wheelchairs.

Mr. Brazdil was thrilled by the idea. Being an engineering business, he liked the unique nature of the idea, as they could produce part of it and promote their development in the manufacturing line. Now, Brazdil and his two sons have started a full-fledged business that is devoted to the manufacture of these micro-cars, which will help bring a fast element back into the lives of wheelchair drivers.   

About Elbee Mobility Vehicles

The vehicles that are produced by Elbee Mobility, which is located in the town of Lostice, North Moravia, is known for being unique. Not only can they be opened from the front but the driver has the ability to get straight inside on his/her wheelchair.

The reason for the front end of the car opening in that manner is nothing more than finding the best way to provide a wheelchair user the independence to drive themselves around. In order to get into these cars, all you have to do is back your chair into the vehicle, secure it down in place and then start to drive.

How is Elbee better than regular wheelchair accessible vehicles?

Even if you adapt your regular vehicle to make it more wheelchair friendly, you will still face the issue of needing to pack the wheelchair somewhere. If the user is not able to carry the weight of the wheelchair themselves, they will need to ask someone else for help, thereby hindering the ability to be completely independent.

Another reason the Elbee is a better option for people with disabilities is because these vehicles can be parked on a street with their face toward the pavement so that the driver has no difficulty coming out of it.

Currently priced at about US $25,000, there are different subsidies that a customer can take advantage of while buying the vehicle. After all, the price is still cheaper than modifying a regular vehicle. This development will certainly be seen as a major breakthrough for people in wheelchairs across the country.  

Ladislav Brazdil Jr. proudly says that thanks to this innovation, many people with disabilities have learned to drive and regained some independence. Thus, in a small way, Elbee has been able to restore a part of life to these people.

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  1. SuzeeQupid
    I accidentally found the Elbee on YouTube and was instantly enamored. I don't just want one, I need one. I believe the Elbee has the potential to increase the Independence for most wheelchair users in Suburban and Rural environments. Some large Urban regions may pose a challenge but I think the more daring individual will blaze a path in large cities. I hope Automobile converters and innovative green vehicle developers will invest in Elbee and bring it to markets outside the Czech Republic. I hope to see the Elbee at the Abilities Expo in the near future! Ingenious and beautiful!
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