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Good Samaritans Offer Help To Woman Whose Wheelchairs Were Stolen
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Good Samaritans Offer Help To Woman Whose Wheelchairs Were Stolen

When Sherry Valentine of Pioneer Avenue received a wheelchair as a gift from North Hills resident Pat Haseck she had no idea there would be a long-lasting friendship soon to follow!

Wheelchair-bound Sherry could often be seen passing through her neighbourhood with a smiling face. But ever since her motorised wheelchair was stolen from her front porch, she was left immobile. KDKA quickly reported news of the burglary on the following day, and since then, immense calls started pouring in from unknown strangers who wanted to lend Sherry a helping hand.

One such viewer was Pat Haseck, who had a spare wheelchair in her basement, which once belonged to her deceased husband. Upon seeing this, she figured it was time for the wheelchair to find a new home!

“My husband used it all the time, and without it, he could not go anywhere,” Haseck was quoted as telling KDKA.

With immense help from KDKA, Haseck sent the wheelchair over to Sherry along with a ramp for moving it indoors, which marked an early Christmas for the happy lady.

“I just think it’s fantastic. I’ll tell you; it makes me feel a lot better because I lost a lot of faith in humanity because over the theft.” She gushed.

Sherry has again started visiting her friends and riding up and down her neighbourhood alley. But this gift has created a new bond of love between two ladies who have never met before.

“She made me the happiest person,” said Valentine, who plans to send her Samaritan a card for her immense “sweetness”.

For Haseck, it was more about helping someone in the time of crisis. Sherry has received another manual wheelchair since news of her distress went on air. However, no updates regarding the identity of the wheelchair thief have been released.

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