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Mobile Haircuts: Bester Styles Comes to You
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Mobile Haircuts: Bester Styles Comes to You

Being wheelchair bound comes with its challenges. In an ideal world, our neighbors would reach out to all in need -- but this isn't always the case. Adding closer parking spaces and creating wheelchair-accessible ramps to to entrances, is a gesture, but is not enough.

Getting a haircut may not initially seem like a challenging task for a wheelchair bound individual.  But just take a moment to consider all of the tedious steps one has to take to do this task. First, entering a barbershop without a ramp, and then needing to transfer from a wheelchair to the barber chair -- is a feat in and of itself. The sad truth is that disabled people do have to face immense difficulties with such seemingly simple tasks.

Dealing with life in a wheelchair

Life is simply much tougher for people who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility. The public, in general, is not very understanding when it comes to the needs of disabled people. You see people parking their cars in spots that are designated for disabled people in wheelchairs, with no regard to how much trouble they are causing someone who actually needs that space. The fact of the matter is that from the moment they wake up every morning, people in wheelchairs have to jump through a number of hoops all day just to perform some basic tasks.

Bester Styles Barber Shop

Bester Styles Family Barber Shop, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, is out to make a difference. A picture has gone viral of the barber from the shop giving a haircut to a disabled man on the side of the road. The barbershop does not have a wheelchair ramp so it would have been almost impossible for the disabled man to get inside the shop. With goodness in his heart and scissors in his hands, this barber has taught us the meaning of compassion and humanity towards strangers. He could have easily turned the disabled man away, but instead he chose the higher path and went out of his way to serve his customer.

The barber’s picture has gone viral after it was shared on the Facebook group of The Brockton Hub. So many people have been impressed by the barber that a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help install a wheelchair-accessible ramp to his shop. Everyone who has seen the picture of this man, with scissors in his hands, helping out a stranger on the side of the road, admires the goodness of his heart and hopes that his business takes off!  Stay tuned, and pay it forward.


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