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Got Ink?
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Got Ink?

How do you show your ability pride? Tattoos have been around for centuries and have historically even represented badges of honor in some cultures. Getting inked is becoming a more and more popular way to show pride in one's disability.

Disability ink can be anything from empowering words and phrases to symbols, memorials, portraits or logos. Some choose to get inked for their own sense of pride while others may choose to ink an area easily visible to the general public.

Showing the world your disability pride, whether through ink, actions, words, advocacy or whatever medium you choose can help fight the stigma that disability is something to hide. Tattoos literally allow you to wear your disability on your sleeve for the world to see and celebrate the uniqueness of our communities.

3E Love is a company whose symbol started a disability pride tattoo movement. According to their website, their registered trademark is known as the "International Symbol of Acceptance" also known as the "wheelchair heart logo." The logo replaces the wheel of the traditional wheelchair symbol with a heart. Their website goes onto explain that their symbol is an "attitude and a's loving and living life to the fullest no matter who you are and what you look like, no matter what you can or cannot do." Because of this positive message, the 3E Love wheelchair heart logo is appearing on the skin of people across the world – some of whom are living with a disability and others who want to show their support for friends, family and the diversity of their community.

Check out more about the 3E company here You can even join their club if you're inked with a wheelchair heart inspired tattoo.

Have you ever thought of displaying your disability pride through ink?

Do you have a disability pride inspired tattoo?

Share your inked story in the comments!

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  1. Tootsie
    Voted! What a cool idea. Not sure what my other half would say though! x
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  2. Laura Faye
    Laura Faye
    I have the 3e love symbol in green on my ankle
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    1. WheelerWife
      Laura, that is awesome! I've been wanting to get one :)
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  3. pftsusan
    I love this. Our bodies are our canvas too. I got two tattoos myself. This is cool. I invite you to come and read mine and vote on one that you like.
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  4. Dan Cypress
    Thank you for sharing this idea. My friend that works at, likes this idea!
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