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Gotta Have Goals
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Gotta Have Goals

     I need to have goals. Over the 51 years, I have been on this planet, this is what I know about myself. Without goals, I feel more like a hamster on a wheel. They run and spin and get nowhere.

Goals help motivate me. Let me explain: I was born with Cerebral Palsy. No one else in my family or my neighborhood was like me. That didn’t matter to me. What did matter to me was all the kids in my neighborhood were playing outside. I wanted to be there. So, I got there the only way I could. I crawled.

Goal: point A to B.

Later down the road, I discovered Conan the Barbarian. (Arnold Schwarzenegger). I was in awe. I got it in my brain that I wanted to be just like that.  It never once occurred to me that this was impossible. So I set a simple goal. Get stronger/BiGGER. 

That took me a while, but by age 21 I competed in The Mr. Annapolis contest in Maryland and was titled “Mr. Handicapped Annapolis” in 1989.

A few years went by...I had some jobs, but no real goals… I was kind of static. Until I learned about the NPC Wheelchair Bodybuilding Nationals in 1994. Boom! I had a new goal: Get to The NPC Nationals. 

My new goal was to place in the top 10 at The NPC Nationals. I placed 3rd in 1995, 2nd in HVY Weight in 1996, and finally, I was 1st Lt. Heavyweight Champion in 1997. 

My point is I needed goals. I set goals for myself and I go for those goals. Today, that strategy still works. I decided at 51 that I needed to stay active so, even though I no longer bodybuild, I set a goal to walk a 5K race..(see my previous article on my 10K race in July.) Having reached those goals, I did a virtual marathon in honor of the Centennial of The Grand Canyon in August. But, I couldn’t have done any of it without setting a goal and making up my mind to DO IT. So, I ask you… What are your goals? Have you set any? Are you focused on them? Are you actively working toward those goals? I firmly believe that ANYTHING is possible if you believe it… but, you have to have a goal, a reason, a purpose, a target to shoot for. Otherwise, you become a hamster on a wheel. Life is too short for that. Keep moving Y’all. What are Your Goals?

Image credit: Arnie Slater

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  1. Larry Lopez
    This is so inspiring! I love the story. This makes me work hard for my goal even more,
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