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Gregg Mozgala Reversed the Effects of Cerebral Palsy? How did he do it?
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Gregg Mozgala Reversed the Effects of Cerebral Palsy? How did he do it?

I have been fascinated with Gregg Mozgala ever since I saw him on YouTube dancing. Gregg has "Spastic Dipledga" Cerebral Palsy. He has the same type of Cerebral Palsy that I do, so of course I wanted to learn as much as I could about this interesting guy. 

Despite his Cerebral Palsy, he focused on theater and became an actor. No small feat for someone with his limitations at the time but he managed to make it work with his amazing talents. Most children with CP start therapy as soon as possible and for Gregg, it lasted twelve years with no improvement. 

Tamar Rogoff a choreographer changed Gregg's life in ways he and she had never known was possible. They worked on a project called “Diagnosis of a Faun.” While working on this project Gregg's body began to change and it started evolving into an improved gait, balance and the most amazing then happened. His spasticity seemed to be vanishing. He had begun to have sensations he never felt before in his legs and feet, he could pick up his feet instead of drag them. His knees became straighter, and he started standing up nice and tall. All of this happened with determination and hard work on Tamera & Gregg's part. They worked for hours each day.

For eight long months, Gregg worked harder then he had ever worked in his life and by the end of that time, he walks as though he doesn't have Cerebral palsy. I have seen before video's and the after, and it's truly astonishing. I never forget what he said, "I felt trapped in my body, like there was a walking person inside trying to get out..."  I feel much the same way. 

Tamar noticed that the way Gregg walked had a certain pattern to it and each time she would ask him to do something different he would fall or not know how to move in that way. They both started to realize that they were opening new path ways from Gregg's brain to his body.

Gregg has said, "Everybody told me there was nothing I could do, “That’s just what you hear, from the time you’re five, to adulthood." 

I'm interested in the method they do called "tension-releasing shaking technique"  It's an exercise that activates a natural instinctual shaking mechanism. Relaxing tense muscles and the fascia structure will reduce pressure on the spine, neck, shoulders and pelvis. When tension is released anywhere in the body, the brain registers a reduction in pain signals, producing new hormones that promote healing and well being. 

Ok, sign me up.

Gregg has proven that Neuroplasticity works as a treatment for anyone living with CP to gain more function and have a better quality of life. "Scientists attribute this reconnection between brain and body to neuroplasticity, an emerging field of research studying how the brain can develop, or redevelop, pathways of muscle control. They admit that this wasn't a consideration until Gregg came along for those with Cerebral Palsy.




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