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Growing/Aging Gracefully
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Growing/Aging Gracefully

Everyone, no matter who you are, will one day be in the shoes of another, in terms of age. Whether 20, 30, 40, or beyond, we can all learn from that other person or people who have been there, done that. When you turn 21 you think you possess all the knowledge you need for your life. Far from it. There are still so many things to see, to do and learn that this is just the beginning of your life. When you reach the age of 30 you look back at the previous 8+ years and feel that you could've or should've done this or that differently. You might have made choices that caused a bump in the road, but if you learned from these bumps, then you are on your way to knowing that life can teach you, no matter what age,

    When you look at or speak to someone who you think is old, just think of it this way: One day you will be this same age. Just because that other person has a few extra years on them, doesn't mean that they are to be discounted or thrown to the side. In fact these may be the best teachers in life you could ever have. Learn from their stories. Inquire how they may have handled a situation you are now facing. Most of all listen when they talk. They speak volumes.

    It is the same for a small child who is learning, growing, and wanting to find out about the world around them. Pass your knowledge onto them. Make their learning and growing fun. Give them the benefit of your experiences. Teach them the same way your elders taught you. You will find that when they are grown and moved on with their lives their choices will reflect what you have passed onto them.

    Aging gracefully means learning all we can, teaching those who are coming of age and listening to anyone who has been there, done that. This knowledge is worth more than money can buy and it will surprise you at times. Even if you think someone is not listening to you, they are. Their resistance is just one of the ways they are trying to find their way in this world we live in.

   Growing and aging gracefully doesn't have to difficult or mean we stop learning. Just the opposite. The more you grow, the more you learn, the better your quality of life will be and people will be amazed at how "smart" you seem to be. Give the benefit of your experience. It will pay you back in more ways than you know!

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  1. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. What a very inspiring and thought-provoking blog. Like everyone else, I don't like the idea of getting older, but it can be such a positive thing. You might be interested in my latest blog, Dances With Wheels!, and if you like it, please vote! :-)
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  2. Teresa Thomas
    Teresa Thomas
    j kess 123, I would have to agree with Broken English. Such an inspired blog indeed. At times, as a small child growing up in both, Ohio, and W. Va., I didn't want to grow up and move out on my own. However, at the age of 49 years old, and four sons of my own, one of which, is in a group home for Autism, and the others, living here in the home with me, I find it difficult to want to let them go. I know, that they are wanting to spread their own wings and learn what life's about on their own. I too, have learned a lot since being on my own. I'm still learning. I don't think, that just because, we had gotten up in age, that we stop learning. No, on the contrary, we're still yet, learning everything that we can before it's our time to go. So, even though, the baby boomers have grown up, there are still yet, more experiences to learn from and places to explore for more knowledge. Excellent post. Just voted,.
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  3. sweedly
    Really good blog. I remember back when I was younger and I often wondered how people even made it to old age with all the daily life struggles and things that do not always work out the way you might think there going too. But here I am at 59, with a feeling that I am still much younger. lol I voted.
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  4. Lil Nana
    Lil Nana
    #5 Thanks for the reminder to grow old gracefully, I don't like this getting old stuff, lol
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    1. Teresa Thomas
      Teresa Thomas
      Lil Nana, I don't think, that any of us likes the thought of getting old. I know, that I don't. I'll soon be a half century old in another month. Gee, where did the time go to?
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  5. Chuck Mathers
    What great insights! This is what I am actually aiming for after I retire at as a concrete contractor -
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