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HANDIcapped Accessible or Not?
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HANDIcapped Accessible or Not?

Have you been faced with a situation when you may have asked a business or a public revenue if they are "handicapped or wheelchair accessible" by phone and they claim it is? But once you arrive there, there is either a small threshold or a curb up to get inside/into the building. Or better yet, you can get inside just fine as there is a ramp etc. However, the bathroom is not accessible, or worse yet, it is located up some steps or down steps that is NOT accessible to get to? 

Then also, there are the places that serve meals, but most, if not all, of their tables were either to high for being in a wheelchair (they were like bar chairs and tables) and/or there were booths available instead of tables that a wheelchair could possibly go under. Or even if you don't use a wheelchair, the chairs can be too high for you to get onto.  

Oftentimes, they just assume you meant to get in the building. They don't understand that not everyone uses the same kind of mobility to get around. So, that is why when you need to know 100% if it is accessible you must be specific or you may be out of luck. So, next time, when you are not so fimilar about a place and ask if its "handicapped or wheelchair acessible", make sure its FULLY accessible versus PARTIAL accessible. Trust me, I been there.

I have been in this situation so many times because I have not been able to call or find out if it's fully accessible. Or, sometimes, if I have been there before but know it's partially accessible and/or I am unable to access to the bathroom for some reason or another, I try to make sure I do my business at home before I arrive. It just makes things easier for everyone, as I do not like using public bathrooms anyhow. As for tables and such, I usually hope and wait for something to come available for me, and usually if it's a restaurant or a bar setting, they do work with me as they should you, no matter where you end up.  I hope this article helps and gives you some useful tips and tricks. 

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