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Halloween Inspiration From the Coolest Mom
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Halloween Inspiration From the Coolest Mom

What makes a mom cool? Enjoying a pool party with her daughter? Playing with her kids all sorts of games whenever she has free time? How about a mom who makes an amazing and creative Halloween costume for her son who is on a wheelchair?

Cassie is just an ordinary mom from Mansfield, Texas. She does ordinary things like any other parents do like doing the dishes, cooking meals for her family, taking the laundry and etc. But what makes Cassie McLelland the coolest mom is her creativity and elaborate imagination when it comes to Halloween costumes for her son who is on a wheelchair.

Cassie’s son Caleb was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida when he was still in his mother’s womb. Cassie was able to anticipate her son's specific needs. But to her it didn't not matter, she loves Caleb and she will do everything for him.

Hydrocephalus, or “water in the brain”, is a condition where there the cerebrospinal fluid or CSF accumulates in the cavities, or ventricles, of the brainl. This medical condition then causes an increase in intracranial pressure or ICP inside the skull and results in an enlargement of the head. Because the condition can injure the brain, behavior and thought patterns or processes can be affected.

Spina Bifida, on the other hand, is a developmental congenital disease where the embryonic neural tube does not close completely which causes several vertebrae overlying the spinal cord to be not fully formed or incomplete and remain open and unfused. This condition limits Caleb’s mobility because of leg weakness and paralysis. Because of physical limitations, he is required to use a wheelchair or a walker to get around.

Caleb being on a mobility device was never a hindrance for him to enjoy Halloween or go trick or treating. Cassie always sees to it that her son has a smile on his face during the event. She does by making incredible and awesome Halloween costumes for Caleb.

Cassie even utilized Caleb’s chair and made it a part of the costume. Caleb was even the Batman who rode on his bat mobile! He also became Super Mario with his wheelchair made into a go-kart. These are just few of the costumes Cassie creatively made for her wonderful son.

Cassie’s creativity and amazing Halloween costumes and designs inspired her to create a blog, the Wheelchair Costumes blog. There, she showcases pictures of the costumes she made for her son. She also offers instructions and tips for other moms who want to do the same for their kids who are on a mobility device.

Her Halloween costume designs for her son that incorporate his wheelchair are truly inspiring. This is something every parent and child ought to do together. Her breathtaking creativity, fancy imagination and great love for her son make Cassie indeed the coolest mom.

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