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Hanging Onto Hope
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Hanging Onto Hope

God is doing amazing things in my life despite the crazy. I know He will work out every detail but I'm sick of being the minority. Before anyone gets offended, let me explain what I mean.

This world wasn't made for people like me...It takes forever to get the things I need. Insurance drags their feet or won't cover stuff that makes sense and save them thousands in the long run. Example, if the insurance would cover a chair that stands, I could reach cupboards and be more independent. As well as strengthen my legs at the same time. Another example they only cover so much therapy of any kind most people with disabilities could benefit from therapy every day or at least multiple times a week...yes I do stuff at home but it's not the same and it causes strain in my marriage sometimes so it would be easier. They are just too interested in pushing paper and their own agendas whatever they are...still trying to figure that one out. They don't get the more independent people can become if they are able the cost of doctors and hospitals or institutions could save tons of money.

I'm being punished everyday for wanting to things the right way by following my beliefs and getting married. Everything goes against me because of it now goes by what Chris makes. That includes him getting paid for being my aide, or SSI or SSD. It's either because we are married or he makes too much money. We even talked to a lawyer to see what we could get it's the same two answers. I didn't work long enough to pay into SSD and Chris now makes too much for me to receive SSI. I'm sure before too long that the state will take away my whole 16 dollars in food stamps I get because of what Chris makes. I'm not proud of the food stamps but I was trying to help us where I could. I am not against working at all but trying to get people to hire me with or without a service dog is a total pain. As soon as I go into a place of employment they have already made up their minds. It's very hard to prove that is the reason though that's why no one has ever been turned in because it would be my word against theirs so after looking for 10 years and only having 3 jobs in 12 years the longest was a year I just quit looking because one can only take so much heartbreak. Not to mention so many places are not accessible. I have a few other ideas but I'm waiting on God for the next step.

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