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Gabriel Cordell Completes Week-Long Wheelchair Journey to Raise Awareness: Roads Aren't Just for Motorists
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Gabriel Cordell Completes Week-Long Wheelchair Journey to Raise Awareness: Roads Aren't Just for Motorists

A lot of wheelchair-users have inspired people around the world. One is the 37-year old Argentine woman, Gabriela Fernanda Torres, who competed in the 2015 World Tango Championships and wowed the audience with her and her partner’s amazing dance routines. Another is the 19-year old National Star College student, Nathan Mattick, who impressed many when he became the first ever referee using a wheelchair. And yet another differently-abled individual has inspired and encouraged thousands across the globe as he keeps rolling and raising awareness.

Gabriel Cordell, from Port Washington, New York, is not your average man. He is brave, strong, determined, and full of compassion. Despite his mobility issues, Gabriel aims to live every day in dedication to the welfare of other people and animals. In fact, he currently keeps rolling to help raise awareness for individuals with disabilities on the roads.

Using his muscle-powered only mobility device, Gabriel hits the road himself to let people, especially drivers, know that there are others who use the roadways other than just vehicles. Hitting the pavement is his way of reminding everyone to be careful and be mindful of each other, especially those using non-motorized mobility devices, in order to prevent unwanted accidents.

Recently, people marveled at Gabriel’s efforts and determination as he completed a weeklong wheelchair trek. From Montauk Point, located on the eastern tip of Long Island, to North Shore Animal League America, Gabriel finished a 122-mile journey which garnered a hearty praise and applause as well as great respect from supporters who came to know about his difficult yet inspiring journey.

This 122-mile trip was made to raise funds for Port Washington’s animal shelter, and the North Shore Animal League America. The shelter has been saving lives of innocent animals like since 1944. Being the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world, the North Shore is proud to announce that they have saved over 1,000,000 homeless pets and animals. And with Gabriel’s help, the organization is more inspired and motivated to rescue and adopt thousands more.

On his travels, Gabriel risked and faced numerous hazards on the road-- even life-threatening obstacles. But to him, living his life helping others is his purpose. And he just keeps on rolling.


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    Rolling Without Limits Support
    What an inspirational figure around such great causes! Thanks for the post!
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