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Heal is the Word – Kerala Ayurveda
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Heal is the Word – Kerala Ayurveda

It is evident that life keeps you spinning. As you go on, trying your hardest to cope with speed, performing your Karmas……unless you are really spun out. And when you have any issues with diabilities, it may be even worse. After all, the human body is very fragile, very mortal!

No matter whether you consider self "disableded" or "normal", it doesn’t matter. Whatever rewards you may have earned or what milestones you may have stumbled upon, what efforts may have gone waste, at some point in time, you must have cried to yourself:

"Ughh…I need to run away from all this!" Haven’t you?

But, that’s an escapist’s approach. You start yearning for Mukti--freedom or relie, from lifes physical and mental tautnes, the daily challenges, a great sense of responsibility, and not to mention, a huge pile of expectations that become too overbearing to carry.

Travelling has been considered one of the best of ways you can take a break think of all of those trips and assisted cruises that you may have considered going on! But going for more than an ordinary break occasionally does not serve you very long, and you are stressed out again. You may sure feel rejuvenated physically, yet require work on the inner you.  In case of an ailment, you may consider certain medicines and look forward to effective results. Thus, you don’t comprehend the situation, and fail to find out exactly what you really want.

Well, you may want to appeal tonature, the explicit components of which will detox and heal your mind, body and soul. You may need your own time and space to adopt a holistic approach that helps you rewaken the newer you, the stronger you, the capable you!

Welcome to Kerala - ‘God’s Own Country’…the splendid and bountiful nature destination...the house of specialized Ayurveda packages….

A big, big reason to visit India!

These packages are meant to give you a magical sensory treat amidst serenity, purity and peace. These packages are based on numerous themes and treatment you seek, you may take your pick from a range of them presenting:

• Stress Management Programs

• Rejuvenation & Detoxification Programs

• Anti-Obesity Programs

Panchkarma Programs

• Beauty & Youth Enhancement Programs

• Back pain, Slip-Disk & Spondylitis

• Migraine & Sinusitis

• Pre and Post Natal Health Program

And the list goes on, even with tailor-made options, exclusively for you!

These packages comprise of accommodations in peaceful cottages, Ayurveda meals and unique therapeutic sessions, practiced nowhere else.

As they work on you with fragrances, earthly essences and oils, you will experience fresh breeze of life touching all your senses, elevating them naturally!

With Yoga and meditation being part and parcel of each program, you may look toward a harmoniously balanced and contended mental state. It helps you attain spiritual upliftment and serves divine food for mind and soul.

You will emerge groomed with virtues like cheerfulness, fidelity, generosity, fortitude, decisiveness, contentment, grace and beauty, but won't be able to take along a very important part of you-- a part of your your very own heart, for the scenic beauty of Kerala won't let you do so! 

Almighty Bless You! Almighty Bless All! :)

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    The piece written above is an Absolute Delight ... Mere reading makes me so rejuvinated & cool....can imagine what will happen with me when I actually visit Kerela India for this therupy. Surely, worth a visit. Guyz.. Start saving dollars right away for this freedom trip! B'coz U deserve it. And, a big thank you to Shabs Online for bringing it through, so beautidully!
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  2. Puspendra
    My Back pain is troubling me. Wish I could go there, but can't have a long medical leave.
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    1. Akanksha
      There are many centers in Delhi NCR also, you can go on weekends
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  3. Akanksha
    Great! I have myself benefited through Ayurvedic therapy and I recommend it to all. t happens many times that due to one disability, some other part of the body is constantly strained. Ayurvedic therapy can be a solution to release the stress and stay healthy with or without any disability!
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  4. Ann
    An informative blog shabs . I want to go kerala only for this purpose because some times i suffer pain throughout my body and so i need such type of programmes as you mentioned .Thanks for that .
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  5. Moni
    Excellent blog. Reading through this writeup I started craving for it.
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  6. Broken English
    Broken English
    Voted. A very evocative blog, I would love to visit Kerala! I have heard about it before. When finances permit, I will be straight on the plane there! You might be interested in my latest blog, Heather, The One-Legged Model. Please check it out and vote if you like it, thanks! :-)
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  7. Winnie
    I have heard a lot about Kerala but never knew about this. I think, this is something I need to go for very soon. I suffer from joint pains sometimes. Thankyou for informing us about this you get my vote.
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  8. SignLanguage
    It seems I'm late in voting because you're already on Top Posts. But, it is good to know that option is available.
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  9. dbart
    Excellent Blog.. love it as I am a holistic health coach... I enjoy your writing and the way you think. Voted - Blessings ! :)
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    1. Shabs Online
      Shabs Online
      Ohh.....Many Thanks for the kind words and's really very sweet of you! :)
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  10. pftsusan
    Voted. I enjoy alternative medicine and yoga. You are invited to my latest blog on Disability Rights. Please vote if you like it
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  11. Susan Keeping
    Susan Keeping
    Excellent, voted
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