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Healing Rides and Their Volunteering Mission
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Healing Rides and Their Volunteering Mission

Getting around outside for some fresh air can be difficult in a wheelchair, especially if you’re going it alone. Enjoying bike riding can also be difficult, so one program has thought of a way to incorporate the two to ensure that both can be enjoyed by everyone equally, which is why healing rides and their volunteering mission was created.

Healing Rides and Their Mission

Healing Rides offers volunteer bike riders to guests who are in wheelchairs with limited mobility to take them out on nature rides throughout the 36.4-mile Constitution Trail in Illinois. They have created their own special bikes, their Duet Bikes, which allow a passenger in the front instead of being pulled on the back, which enhances the experience for everyone.

Barbara Brown, the founder of this volunteer program, battled cancer during 2014 and recalls how difficult it was for her to get outside and get much needed fresh air after her treatments, saying that she wanted to have a solution for her and everyone dealing with such a problem. In 2015 she launched Healing Rides and has helped hundreds of people since.

The Duet Bike Chairs

These chairs are crafted from orthopedic-shaped fiberglass and attach to the back of the wheelchair, with a battery assisted pack that helps to provide a safer, smoother ride on all types of terrain and hills. They are especially excellent for dirt tracks and gravel, which can be a real challenge for wheelchairs.

These bikes are able to accommodate a passenger of approximately 275 pounds max and a rider of approximately the same weight level max. Trained volunteers of multiple age ranges are very experienced with proper pedaling to ensure a safe ride.

When it comes to testing and proper regulations, the Duet Bike Chairs have been tested multiple times and pass both of the Canadian and the United States of America’s government regulations, and are 100% safe for everyone.

The Important Comfort and Safety Features

The following listed below are the comfort and safety features that go into the Duet Bikes:

l  Split footplates that allow for safe boarding

l  Covers for the tires for added safety

l  A cup-shaped design for maximum comfort

l  Helmets and back pedal brakes

l  7-speed pedal assisting, which totals to around 20-25 miles per each change

l  Removable armrests and headrests for personal comfort specifications

l  A chest harness seat belt for the wheelchair if needed

For more information on the Duet Bikes, their safety and comfort features, or just to learn more about Healing Rides and their volunteering mission, you can visit their main website by clicking here.

The Wonderful Program of Healing Rides

Being in a wheelchair is never easy when it comes to going outside and enjoying a bike ride, but thankfully Healing Rides and their volunteering mission has made it easier for everyone to be equal in bike riding.

With over 15 volunteers already, Healing Rides is looking for more to join their mission, which you can do by clicking here and filling out some basic information.

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