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Health Tips for Those in Wheelchairs
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Health Tips for Those in Wheelchairs

Healthy Living Tips for Wheelchair Users

If this pandemic has proved anything to us, it's that we can make time for anything if we try. Many people have been moved to working from home and have begun leading healthier lives. Here are three healthy living tips for wheelchair users.

Care For Your Mind 

Wheelchair user or not, we all have struggled with mental health. Research shows that suicide rates have gone up since the beginning of this pandemic and quarantine. Caring for your mind, even without a pandemic, is important. Not only would I encourage you to talk to someone every day about you are feeling or talk to someone every day about how they are feeling but I'd also suggest signing up for Heart Support

Heart Support is a community built by singer, Jake Luhrs, from the band August Burns Red. After fans confided in him after shows, he decided, after spending some time deep in prayer, it'd be a great idea to form a community where people with the same struggles could encourage one another. 

Caring for your mind can also include self-care. Taking long, relaxing baths or showers, reading, going outside, and keeping a journal can all be effective in this area.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights can help maintain the health of our bones and muscles. It can also help burn calories and prevent injuries. These workouts can be adjusted to your abilities so you are not overworking or underworking yourself as well as doing things that you just can't do physically. If you are able to move your legs, you can wear ankle weights to help care for an strengthen your leg muscles.

Practice Good Posture

Good posture is something that even I struggle with. Even though I feel comfortable, it does cause pain in my back. Keeping good posture can not only help avoid problems with the bones and tissues in your spine but it can also strengthen your core. A physical therapist can help design an exercise program to improve your posture or you can look up videos on YouTube


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  1. giuliajones32
    I would like to mention that you can get an aide in to help a few times a week or more. Ask your doctor. I have had help in the past due to my disabilities. I suggest you get a researcher too. It is a long bar that you can pick things up with if they are out of reach.
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    1. Emily Wheelock
      Emily Wheelock
      Thank you for sharing! I hope that information helps someone. My grandma used a reacher. They are awesome!
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  2. MasonRobert
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  5. DSM
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    1. Molinas
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  8. johnlead
    Thank you for sharing this amazing organization that who believes the in the person with disability. This blog was very inspiring...
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  9. Alexis
    These are great healthy tips. Thank you for sharing them.
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  10. Amy Smith
    Excellent information on your content, thank you for taking the time to share with us.
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  11. Sampaints123
    You can find an assistant to help you several times every month for an affordable cost, ask your doctor for referral. Because of my disability, I have been helped in the past. I suggest that you also get tools to help you pick things up that are out of reach.
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  12. bunburycc123
    Great comment, that is a good point. I need to buy some ergonomic tools to help my aunt who has a minor disability too, to make her life easier.
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  13. Alexis
    I needed to thank you for this incredible read! I like each and every piece of it. I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts. Thanks from
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  14. matthewkhan
    I use a bicycle cup holder and mounted it onto the frame of my chair.
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  15. Alexis
    These are very helpful tips, not just for differently abled people but also for everyone. Thanks. I'm glad to read this again.
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