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Heat and Humidity or Cold and Damp: Does it Bother You?
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Heat and Humidity or Cold and Damp: Does it Bother You?

Heat and Humidity. Cold and Damp. Does it bother you? Or are there days when it does then other days when it doesn't bother you at all? Is it your Multiple Sclerosis, or is it something else?

For me, I am fine with the heat most of the time, but it is the humidity that wears me out. But then again, severe cold makes me hurt, and so do those damp days. On hot and humid days I take some simple steps to help me combat the heat and humidity.

I highly suggest a cooling neck wrap. Wear a hat. I have a sneaky little trick you might not have been expecting: 

If you drink soda, save a  two liter bottle fill it up three-quarters of the way full. Freeze it. Put it in a water proof lunch bag along with a damp wet  towel. When you start feeling the heat, use that towel to cool down your core temperature. You will notice that by keeping your core temperature down, you will find outside activities are much easier on you, but don’t forget that hat!

As for severe cold, there are smart measures you can take as well. These help some, but not as much as we would probably like. At least you have a little while to get organized on this front. You have likely all seen foot and hand warmers that hunters use. By having them in your shoes and mittens, you'll be able to keep your core temperature more comfortable. 

Be smart while going out in the weather. You might just surprise yourself and have fun.

Always do everything in moderation! Safety counts!


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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