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Hello, How May I Help You? Benefits of Working in a Call Center
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Hello, How May I Help You? Benefits of Working in a Call Center

For many people with disabilities, considering work in a call center environment can be a smart career move! I have worked for a help desk company for nearly four years. For the first two years I served as a technician on a help desk, during which time, I walked customers through technical troubleshooting over the phone. For past two years, I have worked for the same company as their communications manager.

Many call center/help desk environments provide such opportunities for growth. F people with mobility challenges, a call center environment can provide accessibility benefits. Working in the same building each day can provide the security of having your own workstation which you can adapt to your needs. Much of your daily business can be conducted right from your desk (over the phone) which means that there is no requirement for you to have to arrange transportation to visit clients or conduct business outside of the office, which can obviously pose significant travel and accessibility concerns.

It is becoming increasingly more popular for call center companies to now offer work-from-home opportunities. Not only does this save the company costs, but this can be a huge advantage for someone with a disability looking for work, who happens to have transportation or mobility challenges, making work in a traditional office environment challenging.

Some questions to ask yourself before applying for a job in a call center environment:

· Do you like talking to a variety of people?

· Do you have patience to deal with difficult personalities and help make things right for customers?

· Can you sit in one place for long periods of time?

· Are you comfortable using telephony and computer equipment?

· Do you have a quiet place at home away from distractions if you are interested in looking into at home opportunities?

· Does the company have a history hiring people with disabilities? Is the building, bathrooms, workspace accessible? Is the employer willing to adapt your workspace to reasonably fit your needs?

· Do you know someone else who works for the company?

Often customer service or help desk employees are referred through friends. Having a contact or knowing an acquaintance who already works in the environment can help answer your questions and give you an idea about the accessibility of the job you are interested in.




Have you ever worked in a call center or help desk environment? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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  1. Rolling STICKSandSTONES
    i love job posts thank you for sharing, hope you like my work
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  2. Oddkooki
    Call centers are definitely a great place for the disabled. I worked for a major telecommunications company for 28 years. No one else would hire me even though back then I was able to walk with crutches . They made it accessible for me, even providing me with a designated parking! No ADA then.
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