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Her Bucket List is Far from Over
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Her Bucket List is Far from Over

Going to different cities, visiting other countries and enjoying the beauty of nature are things that most people hope to experience in their lifetime. And that’s what young Beth also wishes to accomplish. Her bucket list is full of enjoyable things including meeting a sloth.

Beth Cooper-Wares, an 11-year-old girl from Stanwell Park, Sydney, was born with a rare disease known as Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type III. It is a form of brittle bone disease and considered the most severe type among kids who survived the neonatal period. The condition causes tension in the muscle on soft bones, frequent fractures on long bones and disruption of the growth plates leading to bowing and progressive malformation.

Because of her condition, Beth uses a wheelchair. She also requires assistance in taking a bath, changing her clothes and other basic day to day stuff. But this 11-year-old remains optimistic about everything. She even has a bucket list that she desires to fulfill someday.

Her mother, Katie, wants the best for her little ray of sunshine and hopes to help Beth fulfill everything on her bucket list. And so she created a page online through GoFundMe, a popular fundraising website, to help raise money for her precious daughter. She shares the story of Beth and her wish to travel and go on an adventure.

The 31-year-old single mom is very determined to make Beth’s dreams and wishes come true. She wants to tick a lot of things, hopefully everything, off that list while Beth is still small. It will be easier since she can just carry her daughter during their adventures.

The bright and sweet little girl dreams of travelling the world, meeting new friends and enjoying everything this planet has. Here are some of the things that Beth would want to do:

  • Riding in a hot air balloon while watching the sunset
  • Watching a show on Broadway
  • Experiencing a Chinese mud bath
  • Wheeling through Scotland’s Pine Forests
  • Getting a henna tattoo
  • Swimming in the sea with turtles
  • Meeting a sloth

The two are bound for a trip to Paris next month after an anonymous donor sponsored a room for them to stay. Both are overwhelmed of the generosity of that donor. They are also very grateful to other people who willingly gave funds in order to support Beth on her adventures.

Beth, along with her ever-supportive mom, is now getting ready for her upcoming adventures. She is very excited to check what’s on her bucket list. 

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