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Hexhog Offers New All Terrain Vehicle Option
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Hexhog Offers New All Terrain Vehicle Option

Sion Pierce, a British engineer who comes from a family of farmers, has introduced his new HexHog all terrain vehicle (ATV) to the handicapped people in Great Britain. The ATV is now available for export to the U.S. if anyone is interested. Pierce was inspired by a member of his family who isn't able to use a standard ATV for getting around his farm.

Pierce wanted to help wheelchair users who can’t make it much past the sidewalk in a wheelchair, with an opportunity to be able to explore more wild terrain. The HexHog is legally classified as a six wheeled electric ATV that can be used to cross farmland, moorland, and even peat bogs. All the driver needs is a license to operate the vehicle. The HexHog comes with an accessory kit that can be purchased separately whichwill turn the off road vehicle into a street legal vehicle.

It took five years of testing and engineering to develop this ATV vehicle that far out shadows the regular electric wheelchairs that can only traverse even, flat surfaces. This all-terrain vehicle offers its user a very different off the road experience. It is something to see in action with 50 percent gradient and the flexing chassis irons that let it hug the earth like a centipede.

The HexHog ATV is powered by two sealed pancake motors which drives the six wheels independently. It has a lithium-ion battery that takes about 2.5 hours to charge and, depending on the terrain, is good for about 8 to 12 miles (or 13 to 19 km). The vehicle weighs 606 pounds (275 kg), measures under 4 feet wide and can be transported using a small trailer. It has a very tight turning cycle and will go up to 8.5 mph (13.6 km per hour). The ATV has a control system that moves the seat into a low position for transporting ease or a remote control is available. You direct it with a normal joystick and there is also an emergency feature which will apply the brake and isolates the battery.

This HexHog ATV can open the doors to a new level of independence to those who, up to now, have only a electric wheelchair to get around in.



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  1. Ann Johnston
    How cool
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    1. Eve Sherrill York
      Isn't it?
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  2. Julie Sinclair
    Julie Sinclair
    This is very interesting
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    1. Eve Sherrill York
      I thought so too.
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