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Historical Inspiration
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Historical Inspiration

Paralympic athletes are some of the most hardcore human beings on the planet. These incredible athletes show the world what the human body is capable of despite the challenge of limited mobility.

One such Paralympic wheelchair athlete is David Weir. He is one of the best in the world and has been an inspiration for disabled people all across the globe. Other than the various awards and accolades he possesses, he has recently achieved a historical milestone in his career, which is sure to inspire millions.

Refusing to Back Down

Suffering from congenital spinal cord transection, David Weir grew up learning to live without the ability to use his legs. However, he didn’t let that stop him from being a talented athlete even during his childhood. He took part in the London Youth Games multiple times as a wheelchair athlete, and won the London Marathon’s junior event a whopping seven times.

The Start of a Professional Career

It was during these early years of his life that Weir developed a love for wheelchair racing. His first London Marathon victory came in 2002, the same year he started being coached by Jenny Archer. With his coach’s help, Weir has managed to bag a number of gold medals in various competitions over the years. Some of these include the London Marathon, the IPC Athletics World Championships, and the Paralympic World Cup.

Many achievements in such events are the reason Weir has become a sensation in the world of Paralympics, and a true inspiration for aspiring wheelchair racers around the world. And on top of it all, his recent historical achievement has cemented his spot as one of the very best Paralympians in the world.

Proving a Point with Flying Colors

At the Westminster Mile in London this year, Weir was able to beat his previous record, where he had completed a mile in a little over three minutes. This time, he broke his own personal best by six seconds, making himself the world’s first wheelchair athlete to take less than three minutes for completing a mile.

Having won six gold medals, the Paralympian had been trying to achieve this milestone for some time. Weir said that he wanted to achieve this record so he could prove that he was still on par with the best athletes of the world.

Sir Roger Bannister, who was the first wheelchair athlete to complete a mile under 4 minutes back in 1954, congratulated Weir on his achievement. The retired athlete realized how big a deal this was, not only for Weir but for the whole Paralympic community.

Weir’s historical run was an inspiration for people around the globe, and it won him his fourth Westminster Mile title. His rival from South Africa, Ernst van Dyk, came in second. Although Weir had won the event last year as well, he wanted to be better his time because he knew Dyk would give him tougher competition. He made a strong start and pushed through the mile-long track in under three minutes, showing the world all that people can achieve if they try hard enough.

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